6 Things To Consider When Doing a Bathroom Remodel

Wood, drywall and water don’t mix well, from mold to water damage it makes sense that after awhile your bathroom will need to be remodeled. No matter the size of your bathroom there are a lot of components to a bathroom that need to be considered during a remodel.

  1. Plumbing

Bathrooms obviously need plumbing. With a sink, toilet and shower that is a lot of water going a lot of different places. During a remodel you need to determine if you are going to keep the plumbing in its original place or move things around. If you are hoping to move something, determine if it will be possible before you get your heart set on any designs.

  1. Shower Head

Until you have entered the showerhead world you may not realize all there is to know about showerheads. First, you need to think about shower head height. If it is a shower any guests might use it may be best to stick with the standard height of 80 inches, but if the shower is just for you, then you can adjust it to your desired preference.

Once it is in the correct spot you need to pick the style of the showerhead. You can do rainfall or any with different settings.

  1. Flooring

In a bathroom, tile of some kind is usually the best option because it is waterproof. Even though you will be going with tile it doesn’t mean your floor has to be boring. You can find tile that looks like wood or get it in any color or design you want. You can even step up the comfort level of a relaxing bath by installing heated floors for when you get out.

  1. Lighting

Lighting in the bathroom is very important. If you are doing your makeup or hair, the last thing you want is to get out of your house and realize you didn’t look like how you thought you did because of poor lighting. Not only do you want a lot of lighting, but you can also benefit from some natural light from a window.

  1. Storage

You do a lot in your bathroom so you need enough storage to handle the job. During a remodel put in a vanity with storage for all your hygiene items and shelving or a closet for towels and toiletries.

You also want to make sure there is enough storage in the shower so you aren’t stepping on razors and shampoo bottles when your eyes are covered in soap. Shower storage can be something you buy and add later or shelving that is built right into the wall.

  1. Color Scheme 

You can have your bathroom match any personal design you like, but usually because it is such a small space it is important to use light airy colors to help the smaller space feel open, clean and fresh.

If you consider these six parts of a bathroom remodel you can turn an old most likely stinky bathroom into a functional and beautiful space that you will be happy you get to use every day.



5 Ways To Customize Your Bathroom

The bathroom is one of the most intimate spaces in the whole house. Therefore, it makes sense that it should be a reflection of your own style and personality. However, many bathrooms end up looking bland and generic. Fortunately, you can make plenty of changes to customize your bathroom and make it not only more personal but more efficient.

1. Shower Door

Shower curtains are flimsy, difficult to clean, and inefficient at preventing water from escaping your shower and getting into places where you don’t want it. Fortunately, you can replace your shower curtains with glass shower doors Dallas TX. They are much more attractive, less prone to developing mold, and more efficient at keeping the water inside your shower where it belongs.

2. Wall Coverings

Changing the look of your bathroom walls changes the entire character of the space. The change you make depends on the effect you want. For cozy-feeling space, try a dark wall color, but to make a small bathroom feel larger, choose a lighter paint.

3. Flooring

Flooring in the bathroom should be durable, easy to clean, and impervious to water. It should also be slip-resistant to help prevent falls. Flooring that meets all these criteria is available in several different materials. Currently, ceramic tile is a popular choice.

4. Shelving

Needless to say, bathroom shelving serves a practical purpose for storage, but it can also be an aesthetic choice. You can make the bathroom look bigger by installing a shelf flush against the mirror.

5. Window Treatments

Not all bathrooms have windows, but for those that do, window treatments are not only an aesthetic design element, but they also help to absorb sound, which can otherwise be a problem in a space with so many hard surfaces. Window treatments are also an opportunity to add pattern, color, and softness.

Decorative bathroom elements can range from the purely functional to the purely aesthetic. As you remodel your bathroom, don’t be afraid to pamper yourself at least a little.


Small Bathroom Remodel Design Trends for 2019

Once you’ve decided to remodel your outdated bathroom, it’s time to decide on what design to use. Taking advantage of the small space of your bathroom can be a challenge. The right design can elevate the functional space and make it a relaxing oasis to enjoy.


Coastal and at the beach designs have been popular for some years in bathroom refinishing Washington DC. Light-colored wood cabinets complement light grey or blue paint. Get creative with the tile by using glass, riverbed rock stones or shells on the floor or walls.

Hacienda Style

Capture the essence of Mexico and the southwest with a Hacienda-style décor. Copper sinks with an antique brass finish on light and faucet fixtures look beautiful. Travertine tiles and pale yellow or cream paint on the walls create an inviting space.

Asian Inspired

Rich, warm hues can make a small space feel less cramped. Pair dark cabinets with creamy countertops, tub and shower tile. Paint an accent wall to match the warmth of the cabinets with other warm-colored lighter colors on the remaining walls.

Spa Retreat

Capture the feeling of your favorite spa by making your small bathroom an inviting oasis. Cool white marble with deep espresso or black cabinets invites both the light and the warmth into the space. Using the same tiles on the shower walls as the floor in the bathroom can make the space look bigger than it is.


Bring your love of the past into your bathroom with a modern twist. Oval mirrors, trumpet-shaped sconces and subway tile lend a retro look to your bathroom. Make the space more inviting with a frameless shower door and simple colors.

The end result of redoing your bathroom can make the space relaxing and functional. Make guests feel welcome with a space that isn’t cramped but inviting. Whatever your style, you can add a contemporary twist and make it work for your space.

6 Flood Water Damage Cleanup Tips

When your home is hit by a massive flood, you are left with a myriad of problems that all need to be dealt with at the same time. But before you do anything, you need to begin to repair the damage. The sooner you do so, the faster you prevent further damage from taking place. While it may not look all that threatening, water can actually be an extremely destructive force on most areas within the home.

But the thing about water damage repair is that you have a lot of things to remember if you are going to be effective at the task. You must keep the water from getting absorbed into or penetrating the floors, walls, beneath carpets, and into the complicated internal functioning systems of the house. In some cases, too much water damage can create a hazardous situation, one that you want to be far away from for fear of being injured or, worse, killed.

So here are six cleanup tips for anyone dealing with water damage centreville to help minimize the effects of a flood, no matter how big or small.

1. Shut Down the Electricity

Before you do a thing, do not set foot in a flooded home without shutting off the electricity. Cut the power supply in the home to avoid getting electrocuted if there is a substantial amount of water sitting in the home. Smaller levels of water may just require you to disconnect or unplug any electrical appliances that could pose a threat if they become submerged.

Always be careful before stepping into standing water as electrical devices and power outlets could also be underwater and a live current might be active.

2. Record Everything

That’s right, you may feel like you’re delaying the inevitable but taking this critical step before you begin the cleanup process can make filing a claim with your insurance company much easier and more effective in helping your recovery efforts.

Take photos of everything around you. You can never get too much documentation proving that you were in a flood and your home and personal belongings were damaged or destroyed. So get plenty of pictures, you can even try to document the source of the flooding. All of this photographic evidence will be invaluable when you file your claim and provide your statement of loss. If you know where the flood originated, be it broken pipe or a faulty appliance of some kind, getting visual evidence to support your claim will be highly beneficial.

3. Moving the Water

You need to get it all out, no matter how much has moved indoors. So once you’ve taken care of the previous two issues with respect to documenting the damage and avoiding possible electrocution, now you may begin the arduous task of flushing the water out.

There are a number of ways to go about doing it, each one largely dependent on how much water you have standing in your home. You can go about it by picking up the water and removing it with buckets if you have a lot of water to remove or get your hands on a good wet-dry vacuum and suck up the water if there is a small amount to eliminate.

But however you decide to do it, do so as fast as you can. The longer you allow water to stand in your home, the more damage you are doing to areas that can be very expensive to repair and replace.

4. Proper Airflow

You have removed all of the water. Now the next step is to dry out all of the parts of the home that were wet. Residual and excess moisture can be just as damaging to your home as gallons of standing water. That’s how you start to develop mold and mildew, both of which can be incredibly hazardous to the health of you and your family.

So now that the water is gone, it’s time to get airflow moving through the affected areas that were flooded. All you need are some fans, some open windows, anything that will speed up the evaporation of moisture that can have devastating consequences on the interior of your home.

5. Total Cleaning

Speaking of possible mold and mildew, once you have completely dried the areas affected by the flood, you need to do a full cleaning of those areas in order to prevent that mold from growing. That means disinfecting anything that was in the water for any length of time. Whether it was your furniture, personal belongings, even the walls and cabinets.

Remember to be thorough, leave nothing to chance. Clean it all with powerful cleansers as even the smallest, most minute detail missed could be a breeding ground for mold later on.

6. Professional Help

Above all, know when you’ve been beat and you are unable to do this work yourself. Hire the right experts to do the cleanup for you, otherwise you could be living in a home that is ultimately unfit for inhabitation.


Smoked versus Clear Glass Screens: Key Differences  


One aspect of your bathroom that you can customise is the shower door. Glass is the most common material used in shower doors, and they come in either smoked or transparent versions. Shower doors are very functional; they provide you with the privacy that you need, and they keep water confined to the shower room and keep the rest of the bathroom clean and dry. If you need to choose between smoked or clear glass, which would you choose? There are several things that you have to take into consideration when selecting the type of glass to use as your shower door. Take a look at the key differences that these two types of glass doors have to help you decide which one will suit you best.


Smoked shower screens give you more privacy than transparent glass. Their opacity varies, and you can choose how opaque you want your smoked glass to be. Clear glass does not provide an ounce of privacy, so if you are big on privacy when in the shower, then smoked glass is the right one for you.


Smoked glass diffuses light, so the light that comes into the shower is not as bright. It makes for a relaxing time in the shower when you step in after a long day at work. Transparent glass, on the other hand, intensifies the light that comes in the shower. With clear glass, you don’t need to turn on a lot of lights in the bathroom, as the glass reflects the light, making the room a lot brighter.

Water and Soap Splashes 

You cannot avoid getting the glass splashed with water and even soap. Transparent glass shows smudges more than smoked glass, so if you cannot frequently clean the glass panels, you are better off with smoked glass. The textured surface can hide smudges better, although they can still show if they have accumulated over a long period.


Clear glass is just that: clear. With smoked glass, you can choose the design of the panel for maximum privacy. You can have patterns on the glass that will provide you with partial privacy, or you can choose full coverage to ensure complete privacy. Many people opt for a patterned glass to add décor to the entire bathroom.


The texture is the name of the game for smoked glass. Clear glass, on the other hand, is smooth. If you want your bathroom interior to look elegant and unique, you can choose textured glass because it will add to the sophistication of the room. There are different thicknesses of smoked glass. You can choose which one suits you best; the one that will give you the privacy that you require.

Glass shower doors are easy to clean and maintain, as long as you clean them frequently, not allowing dirt and grime to accumulate over time. You can use non-chemical cleaners to keep the glass free from anything that can affect its sheen and texture. Simple natural household cleaners such as baking soda and vinegar will suffice.

Getting the Best Outdoor Camping Toilets for Camping in Vermont

Getting the Best Outdoor Camping Toilets for Camping in Vermont

The U.S state Vermont offers beautiful parks that can used as a camp site by campers of the state and others. These parks will give exciting camp trip experience to the campers. However, there are more places like mountains, rivers, lakes and outdoor where you can arrange some activities, a few people will arrange camping activities on some of these places to earn some bucks. So these people should arrange perfect arrangement, then only campers will show interest to take part in their program. To make people on the site boisterous organizers should arrange those arrangements that will refresh the participants. Every person would feel to have a shower a bath when they do weary things. This can be happened when participants find bathrooms on the site, not only for bathing, for even nature calls organizers should arrange sanitation facilities on the campsite. If these facilities were not present people will find lest to be at the location. When you travel alone or with a crew include your friends or relatives or colleagues and you aim to enjoy a day or two or more doing recreational activities in Vermont outdoors, then proper planning of necessity things should be done. Temporary restrooms or bathrooms include the necessity things that requires for enjoyable and pleasant camp experience which allows you and your crew to feel the outdoor atmosphere or environment of mountains, lakes and rivers in Vermont along with recreational fun. To avoid a bad experience while you do the activities for a single day or two days or more you should rent a porta potty that can fit the need. While you are doing fun activities at those outdoor if you feel to use the restroom then you cannot waste the time and put effort to search the nearest. At mid nights while you are asleep in the nice tent that you made for yourself and your crew, if you wanted to be in a bathroom for nature call or to take a bath then in those late nights you cannot be ready for the hunt of nearest toilets.

All your discomforts removed that you feel when you cannot find sanitation facilities at sites in Vermont that visited for fun things, renting portable bathrooms from the nearest rental company. Different versions and models were accessible to choose that can be better for the requirement, small and lavishly modeled one is enough when you are alone with other strange campers on the site, large and opulent models were the best choice when you are with a crew and for people that organizes these fun things at Vermont wild places. Danby, Windsor, Middletown springs cities has more of rental agencies that can provide or supply to the campsites in the state. Companies that offer mobile Restrooms and Porta Johns for rent at outdoor camping in Vermont will have enough staff to design such models that can be fitted on the location and to transport these devices to the site on time. Hiring sanitation equipment though the site has equipment installed will ease you at the site, running for the bathroom and waiting in the line is avoided.

Bath Solutions for Elderly Comfort and Safety

Bath Solutions for Elderly Comfort and Safety

Safe bath solutions for the elder are a must in homes and care centers to ensure the safety and comfort in bathing needs. Different elder people have different bathing requirements due to their health conditions and circumstances. Many of the them would prefer to remain independent in caring for themselves especially with personal hygiene and lifestyle needs. Bath designs

A lot of elderly has various issues with the standard designs that do not cater to their changing needs as they age. Hence, the bath industry must be particularly sensitive to the changing lifestyle of the elders to generate appropriate bathing solutions for this particular group of consumers in the market. Custom bathing solution for the elders needs are growing common today with the increasing number of elderly consumers in many homes. The progressive technology improves the lifestyle of consumers to enjoy a longer lifespan albeit various health idiosyncrasies that may impact different elderly. It is important to have specific bathroom designs that cater to the specific physical needs of the elderly. Some modern designs for the elderly have non-slip seats as well as standing space to ensure the comfort and safety of the elderly. Walk-in bathing solutions for elderly are necessary for those who have problems with climbing over the bath tub. Such bath solutions can be customized to accommodate the bathing requirements of the elderly to ensure safety and comfort. Appropriate features

Modern bath solutions that cater to the needs of the elderly may include a full length double ended bath tub with an anti-slip flat base and extra width for comfortable bathing. There are simple controls located conveniently on the console panel for an easy reach and maneuver. The bath or shower design can be made of decorative boarding which is waterproof and hardwearing for an easy cleaning and maintenance that is convenient for the elderly. Glass screens are optional with magnetic shower curtains as alternatives to enjoy a complete bath or shower enclosure. Down-lighters finish off the bath or shower design beautifully to create the best of aura to the bath or shower room. There is a variety of color options to cover the floor or ceiling for the best of aesthetics. Scalding would not happen with the safe thermostat controlled shower while excellent tap controls avoid freezing water splashing down all of a sudden. Modern bath solutions that are appropriate for the elderly can ensure their safety before, during and after their bath or shower times.

Cleaning the Bathroom Properly & Steps for Hygiene

Cleaning the Bathroom Properly & Steps for Hygiene

Few people enjoy cleaning their bathroom, but it is a necessary part of the home care routine and an integral part of daily life. Maintaining proper hygiene standards helps to prevent contamination and illnesses in the family and visitors. First of all, remove all unnecessary items from the bathroom itself. These include decorative pieces and all the things which are standing on the floor, including spare paper products or other toiletries. Being able to access all areas of the floor space helps to ensure that they can be thoroughly cleaned. Choosing whether to sweep the floor at this stage, early in the cleaning regime, or later after all other areas have been cleaned tends to be a case of personal preference. This is also the time to pour a bleach or disinfectant product into the toilet bowl. Put the toilet brush into the bowl itself to allow this to also be disinfected. Allow these to soak whilst proceeding to start cleaning the walls. In most home bathrooms, the walls are tiled. Where these have congregated mould colonies, use a water spray mixed with a solution of bleach and leave it to rest for a few moments before trying to remove it. This is also effective on ceilings and window frames. Tile grout can harbour germs, so be sure to thoroughly scrub these areas. Bathrooms fitted with hygienic cladding do not have this problem, as the smooth joins and impenetrable finish make them easy to clean. Bacteria find it difficult to colonise such a surface, making them an increasingly popular choice for new bathrooms and commercial sites. Once the walls and ceiling are cleaned, spray product onto the taps and any other stainless steel components of the bathroom. As this is resting, tackle the shower. Showers should be sprayed with an appropriate cleanser, including over the shower head itself. Some cleaning products are specifically designed to work against a build-up of soap scum, or others are more suited for hard water areas or those with high concentrations of lime. Abrasive scrubbing cleaners can damage the finish of the bath tub or shower tray and should generally be avoided. After a few minutes, use a cloth to scrub the walls of the shower, the taps and the shower head, before rinsing the whole area with the hottest possible water. If looking for a pristine shine, dry the walls with a sponge or rag and then polish quickly with a chamois leather. This also works very well on the bath tub. Whilst cleaning the shower, it is important to rinse the shower curtain as well as this often collects mildew where is has been left wet for long periods of time. Do the same process on the sink and the taps there. Once the shower and sink are clean, return to the toilet where the disinfectant has been soaking. Wipe the exterior surfaces first, starting with the handle to prevent contamination. The use the brush to scrub the toilet bowl. Not perhaps necessary on a regular clean, but nevertheless important, is to remove the layer of deposits which often congregate behind the toilet and the layer of scum in the bowl. Use a special cleaner to remove these.

Luton Plumbing Specialists – Discover Them?

Luton Plumbing Experts - How to Find Them?

What providers are you able to count on from dependable Luton plumbers? If you’re on the lookout for a plumber, there are excessive possibilities that you’ve got critical issues that want fast reparations. Leaking bogs and burst pipes can’t wait a very long time for a plumber they usually want pressing repairs. A plumber has numerous duties like putting in, assembling and repairing plumbing fittings and pipe methods (bathtubs, bogs and sinks). These days, not each plumber can give you dependable {and professional} providers, that are wanted in difficult conditions. When you’re on the lookout for a plumber, do not name the primary title one can find, as a substitute examine and do some researches. There are some factors that should not be forgotten and it’s best to observe them if you wish to discover good plumber.Plumbing Luton Popularity on Web While you’re trying to find providers in your locality and also you discover a plumber, he ought to have an enormous variety of constructive testimonials and critiques close to his title. Each assessment is written by a earlier buyer, and who may give you extra worthwhile data than any person who used his providers? By trying on an inventory, you could find your Luton plumber very quick: simply verify for the variety of constructive and destructive rankings and also you’re performed. There are lots of and varied websites devoted that can assist you discover critiques and rankings of the plumber you’re wishing to rent. License is required Skilled and well-trained plumbers have accomplished the mandatory formal schooling and coaching, so they can restore the massive variety of plumbing associated issues that may happen. If one thing goes incorrect in your property, an excellent plumber will give you a warrantee that you’re not chargeable for what is occurring whereas he’s working in your property. Though a plumber will give you a guaranty, he should be a member of any sort of group associated to plumbing, and this can be a good level it’s good to rely on if you are trying to find somebody. This kind of data may be discovered very straightforward by checking on firm’s web site or by asking the plumber. Make an appointment If you’re coping with a really significant issue which wants fast repairs, it’s important to search for plumbers that supply 24/7 providers, but when your downside can wait, you may make an appointment. When you make an appointment, you’ll have to pay much less cash than in the event you would name a Luton plumber and ask for fast assist.

Discover Inside Design Ideas by Specialists For Making a Designer Lavatory

Explore Interior Design Tips by Experts For Creating a Designer Bathroom

The concept of sinking into a protracted bathtub is solely irresistible. It is usually thought-about to be a luxurious as it’s refreshing in addition to invigorating. Your toilet won’t go in sync with such luxurious concept but it surely doesn’t suggest that there isn’t a manner out. You may positively give it a luxurious hotel-style like makeover. One can begin redesigning from scratch or simply add few ranges of luxurious. To create a room the place the entire household will need to chill out is not {that a} troublesome job. Start with planning for the transforming venture of your toilet as it’ll provide help to to know what precisely you need. You have to to take into consideration each doable luxurious assertion piece akin to towel rails, giant mirrors, glossy self-importance models, generously sized basins or perhaps a placing chair. This may provide help to to remodel your outdated toilet into a brand new one with ample wow issue. Whereas indulging in such initiatives make certain to create a spot for every thing. Storage is utmost essential in a rest room therefore should not be ignored. There must be enough house for every thing from rest room paper rolls to spare towels. There are quite a few methods to do it and it could possibly be together with drawers in a conceit unit, cabinets, mirrored cupboard, and many others. The choices are simply limitless and one can select no matter fits them one of the best. These areas ensure that muddle is stored out of your fabulous wanting toilet. Utilizing the corners of the room for shelving and wall-mount furnishings, akin to self-importance models and basins is one other sensible concept to create extra space. Positively you’ll need a toilet the place you come across one thing with each step that you simply take.

Ensure you buy solely the highest quality of toilet vanities in order that security is not a priority. Be your individual decorator and select from a spread of colours from neutrals and pastels to daring colours. As colours have a significant impact on the general look of the room, they need to be chosen fastidiously and never over-used. By including luxurious finishes you possibly can have a designer toilet which is certain to depart all awestruck. Including heat and texture by choosing pure stone tiles on the ground is a good way to do the identical. Right this moment’s market is stocked with ceramic tiles in stunning colours, textures and finishes. One can refer to varied guides for making certain an indulgent look. Whereas the choices for toilet styling merchandise have multiplied. It is usually important to buy solely these which not solely lends a luxe look however are lengthy lasting as effectively.