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3 Ways To Reduce Your Home’s Energy Costs

Monthly utility bills should cost no more than 10% of your budget. If possible, many companies suggest that this allotment should be closer to 5%. For many households, that allocation can be challenging. Working and living from home means electricity, air and water are used more than in the past. Despite this change, there are ways to reduce costs. By making the following adjustments, homeowners could reduce bills and enjoy a comfortable space.

  1. Improve Insulation

Running the air conditioner and heater accounts for a large portion of energy use. Much of this heat and coolness, unfortunately, escape the house through crevices and cracks, forcing the units to work harder. Stop this loss. Spray foam insulation contractors seal in the leaks, establishing a solid barrier. Your internal environment is kept in control, and the system requires less output.

When completing this project, don’t neglect attics and ceilings. They should be finished along with walls and flooring. While you’re at it, caulk around windows and doors too.

  1. Switch the LED Bulbs

While any lightbulb could brighten a room, different products require various energy levels to make that happen. When walking through a store, you are likely to see halogen, CFL, LED and filament bulbs. If you’re looking to cust down on energy, the LED items should top that list. Designed to use approximately 75% less energy than traditional selections, changing these out could mean a significant change in electrical output.

  1. Install Smart Technology

Thermostat adjustment is essential in controlling your bills. Some days it’s hot in the mornings but cooler at night. Running the air and heat at the wrong times is frustrating. With a smart thermostat, residents can determine when a system should shut off or turn on, saving hassle and unnecessary energy.

Smart plugs are also available. These go straight into your original outlet. They connect to a device through the home’s wifi, allowing owners to shut down appliances or lights from various locations. Shut down microwaves and ovens while you sleep. The applications often permit you to schedule a daily start time. Both units turn back on before you wake up in the morning.

Sometimes, it takes spending a bit of money to save it. Look over your recent utility statements, and contemplate why it’s getting higher. By modifying these overworked systems, you could use your home just as much but spend less. Your pocketbook could benefit by adopting energy-efficient practices.