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Areas on the roof prone to leaks:

The nature of extreme weather can often cause a roof to wear prematurely. Repairs on many of these affected areas can help to prevent water leaks from affecting the interior of your home. If you are interested in keeping your roof protected from leaks, you need to prevent leaks in these top areas;


The chimney area contains four main types of flashing may need to be placed in the correct manner or you could experience ongoing leaks. The counter flashing on your roof needs to be placed in the brick-and-mortar area and it needs to be installed in the correct manner. Check along the corners of the flashing for any signs of cracks or holes. The caulk in the area should not be used to seal off the flashing, roofing cement needs to be applied across the back of the flashing and masonry nails or screws need to be used to securely reattach any flashing items to the roofing materials. You should not see a gap between the flashing or the brick and there should be a cement barrier between these two areas.

Roof valley:

Valleys in your roof of the area where the two main plains of the roofing materials meet. Rolled roofing and flashing are often used to lace shingles together but if the shingles are not trimmed properly this will lead to the entire system having a weakpoint. Make sure that your shingles have the second cut or have a roofing expert ensure that the trimming on your roof is been done correctly.

Roof field:

Older roofs have a roof field and this can often be an area where missing nails are cracks can occur. Working with a roofing contractor will make sure that repairs an inspection can be done in the safest way possible. It cannot be dangerous to walk along the roof field especially if you’ve experienced cracking and the clay tile or concrete.

If you’d like to work with a professional for a roofing inspection and to quickly repair the areas of your roof that are prone to leaks, contact us today.

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