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Artificial Turf 101: Everything You Need to Know About Power Brooming

If you’ve made the switch to artificial turf, you’re likely already reaping its benefits. One such benefit is how little effort it takes to maintain your new lawn, putting green, or wherever you’ve installed your turf. Although artificial turf is low maintenance compared to natural grass, maintenance is still vital in keeping it in prime condition. If you want your turf to last you years on end power brooming is the maintenance method for you.

What is Power Brooming?

Power brooming is the process of using a power broom to clean your artificial turf. It sweeps debris away from any type of turf. Just like natural grass, artificial grass can flatten over time. When you use a power broom on your artificial turf you are returning the bent blades back into their proper, upright position. A large brush wheel has the ability to spin more than 200 time per minute – all without the effort of operating a broom manually. If you can operate a vacuum, you can easily operate a power broom. Read on to find out the key benefits of power brooming and how and when to perform artificial turf cleaning.

The Benefits of Power Brooming

Cleaning your artificial grass is the key to maintaining it. You lawn can become dirty over time due to high levels of activity, pets, and other factors. When you use a power broom on your lawn it cleans away debris, leaves, and trash. Unlike a standard broom or rake, a power broom has the ability to dig deep to remove debris.

Additionally, power brooming helps your turf last longer. When fibers are bent over they lose that life-like look you love. No one wants turf with a thin, faded appearance. However, power brooming protects your investment by distributing infill and correcting turf lean.

When to Power Broom

Power broom can be used before and after installation. When you use a power broom on unrolled grass it makes installation easier since the grass becomes better stretched. This makes it easier to cut and shape it and the grass will receive infill more easily. Still, it’s always important to consult a professional before taking on any installation process.

As discussed above, the power broom is essential for turf maintenance. However, unlike with a regular lawn, you won’t need to spend every weekend on upkeep. Depending on your needs and location, power broom service is recommended quarterly, semi-annually, or annually. This quick and easy process will keep your lawn looking fantastic all year-round.

Maintenance is Made Easy with Artificial Turf from US Turf

The experts at US Turf are equipped to answer any questions you may have about artificial turf – including the power brooming process. Whether you are looking to install an artificial turf lawn for your home, putting green, or commercial property, US Turf can get you started on the path to beauty and convenience. Contact us today for a free estimate!