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Breaking Through The Clutter

Breaking Through The Clutter

We live in this chaotic world where technology is advancing at an unmatchable pace. So much so, that, at times, it makes everything quite complicated. The information is literally dumped on the internet and it requires time and effort to fetch to the required info. In order to break through this clutter, the concept of Business Intelligence was introduced. It simply monitors the users’ browsing activities and forms an individual profile for every user. This helps the virtual engines to determine the interests and inclinations of every user. With the help of this information that can make certain things which are more relevant to you, more easily accessible. Now that saves a lot of time and most users find it very helpful.

At the same time there are many who believe this Business Intelligence system was not constructed for the users, but is made for the corporations to run their businesses intelligently. And in many cases it is true that companies take the help of this technology to put their marketing message across to the right audience. So yeah, it does help the corporations but at the same time, the message that reaches to the audience is relevant to them. These business intelligence applications were working just fine but the success of social media compelled the BI giants to do it a little differently. The entire social scenario made it whole lot easier to stay tuned to what is relevant to you. Mostly it’s the user who picks what sort of information should be displayed to them and what should be filtered. The idea was further refined with introduction of a concept called Contextual Intelligence. The phenomenon is one step ahead of Business Intelligence. It is more dynamic and keeps active 24/7. The user analyses takes into account the entire social context and social connections. In other words it forms a community which brings together the two or more concern parties (1. That wants some information and 2. Who has that information) on one single platform. It works best with social apps. Lately developers have been working on creating such applications that will connect the users in a smarter way. This will speed up the decision making process and save a lot of time. One of the most recent examples of such an app that works on the principles of Contextual Intelligence is Kazoolee. It is just about to hit the App Store. It is a must have app for every iPhone users!