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Get Professional Help For Hot Water Issues

No one wants to get up in the early morning or come home from work in the evening to jump into a shower with cold water. That is one of the most horrific experiences, especially when unexpected. You rely on the consistency of your water heater to give you a feeling of cleanliness and relaxation whenever you need it. So why is it malfunctioning now?

There are multiple reasons that your water might not be heating, and oftentimes, it begins with the actual water heater itself. Here’s a list of typical reasons that your shower water isn’t hot

Water Heater Setting

Make sure the temperature is properly set. If the shower water isn’t hot, it may be a problem with the shower temperature control. If your water heater is electric, it could mean the element is out, or the water may not heat up at all.

Older water heaters may have poor hot water supply lines. Instead of the cold water from the freezer going directly to the burner, it may be sending it to the hot water line. Then you will not get any hot water.

A quick look for anything caught in the strainers can reveal a source of the particles. Plastic bits found in a sink strainer are a sure sign the dip tube has worn out and will fail.

Anti-scald/Pressure Balance Valve

If you get hot water all over the place but your shower, it might be that your anti-scald gadget is positioned to a high limit.

Most faucets are equipped with anti-scald devices, which are safety elements contained in most modern faucets. It limits how far your shower handle can rotate in the direction of hot water.

This prevents you from being hit with the hottest temperature your water heater provides.

How are you able to tell if the anti-scalding device is the reason your shower water isn’t hot?

The only way to do so is by adjusting then checking the water temperature again. However, it is not advisable to do so if you have no plumbing expertise.

It is always best to contact a professional in the event you make the problem worse by attempting to DIY.

Shower Mixing Valve

Most plumbers note that many times that people have problems with no hot water in their shower. It is most likely the mixing valve that’s broken.

What the shower mixing valve does is control the temperature of the water in your shower by combining the hot and cold water.

However, the valves get worn out at times or broken and end up being repositioned in the wrong way, which causes the hot water to stop flowing and get sprayed with sometimes icy cold water.

In order to gain entry to the valves, you would have to separate the shower fixtures, which is usually not recommended by both the manufacturers and professional plumbers, if you have no clue about plumbing.

A shower valve blends hot and cold water to deliver you the best bath experience with the right balance of each.

A worn-out valve cannot operate efficiently, particularly if the washers have disintegrated as well as the O-rings.

Whether the valve needs a simple repair or replacement, let a professional do the work as you may end up costing yourself more in the short run.

Are Others Using It?

Finally, it may be something simpler like you using the shower after a couple of people may have already used up the hot water, which means it would need about half an hour to be back to normal.

If that’s not the reason your shower water isn’t his, call a professional for assistance.