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Home Maintenance Tasks Only a Plumber Should Do

Sometimes you can’t do it yourself. Here are four home maintenance tasks only a plumber should do.

  1. Water Pressure

If your water only trickles when you turn on your shower or kitchen water tap, you could have a serious problem with water pressure. There are many possible scenarios, and that is why you need to call Batavia plumbing to find the issue. From a broken water line off your property to a mineral buildup in your home’s lines to a clogged aerator, the problem can be solved by an experienced plumber.

  1. Sprinkler Lines

It can happen every year! Sprinkler heads break off, lines crack, and motors burn out. When any of those problems occur, call in a plumber to help you fix the lines and get your yard back to looking beautiful. You plumber can also suggest improvements in older equipment that may help prevent the yearly sprinkler line debacles.

  1. Toilet Clog

Some toilet clogs are minor inconveniences that can be easily fixed. However, when your child flushes blocks or his favorite miniature plushie, you could have a severe problem. As the toilet overflows, it can send black water across your bathroom, allowing bacteria to spread upon the floor. The longer the water sits, the worst the problem becomes. As soon as a toilet overflows, call in a plumber.

  1. Broken Faucets

As faucets age, the water pressure building up behind the tiny rubber washer can sometimes push through and cause your valves to fail. This can result in a drip that can annoy you or keep you awake late at night. Rather than let your water bill go sky-high, and waste hundreds of gallons of water, call a plumber to fix the problem. It may be a washer, or the metal could be corroded.

Be on the safe side and keep a local plumber’s number handy for emergency water problems. You never know when you will need his or her help to fix a water disaster.