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How to plan a magnificent Palapa Umbrella?

Palapa umbrella and the tiki huts or bars are used to create the tropical scenes worldwide as it is well known for the tropical visions. The thatching is the process of combining the materials together like grass, palm, bamboos, palm leaves and stems to make a thick covering roof. The thatch making is an art which needs the couple of hours for exercise to get an adequately completed item. With the help of practice for hours may be you get succeeded to create a professional looking umbrella yourself. There are some essential steps for the making of a Palapa thatched umbrellas are mentioned below.

  • Every creativity needs planning first and then you start working on its implementation. Like other plans there is also the need to draw a plan of your required umbrella. Measurement of the pace, figure out the design, calculation the total length of each pieces and framework is included in planning.
  • The second step is to search materials online or visit the places that have the thatch umbrellas if possible then conduct a meeting with their owners. Find out the suitable type to your place and your budget. Decide whether you want more shaggy or bushy look to your umbrella or neatly handwoven thatching.
  • Third step is the collection of material for your decided umbrella design. You will need bamboos, palm leaves and nylon rope for tied them up.
  • The 4th step is the compilation or installation of the collected material. As the material is heavy in weight and need a strong support, install the support pole by digging a hole about 12 inches down in the soil with the help of hole-digger. Hammer the scrap wood supports lightly to avoid the misplacement. Pour the mixture of concreate with water into the hole around to fill the remaining little holes and let it dry approximately for 2 days. Cut the 1 to 2 inches wood pieces after measurement for the framework of umbrella. Screw the wood pieces together to make it four sections of pie shape with the frame. Form a cone shape¬†by bolting the sections together. Drill the holes and screw the formed structure to the top.
  • In the last you to attach the framework and material together. Lay the bundle of material on the frame while standing on a ladder so the level of the top is balance. Tie them securely with the rope by wrapping over and over around the braces of the frame and repeat it until the hatch got fully covered. To make rain proof Palapa umbrella spread one more rope bundle or wire over the top layer and trim the unnecessary with garden cutters.