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Tips for Getting Your HVAC System Ready for Winter

Colder weather is coming to Colorado and it is time to start transitioning HVAC systems from air conditioning to heating.  Most families see higher utility bills during the winter months, but if you take the time to properly prepare and maintain your system, it can decrease utility bills and also make the system last longer.  Here are a few tips for making the transition.

Turn on Your Furnace Before the Weather Turns Cold

Before the weather gets cold, turn on your furnace and watch it run to make sure everything is working properly.  If anything looks out of the ordinary, call a Heating and Air Conditioning Denver company to come take a look.  The company can perform any needed fixes or suggest the installation of a new system.  By turning the system on before it is needed, this will give you time to take care of any issues before the furnace is needed.  This is also a great time to change the furnace filter.  Replace this filter each month or two during times when the furnace is used heavily.

Clean Heating Ducts

Check all of your ducts every year.  Look for any holes, punctures, or places where ducts have not been properly sealed or have become disconnected.  Also, look for mold and dirt.  Vacuum the ducts out and clean them if necessary.  It is also a good idea to have a company come in to clean and inspect your ducts every few years.

Consider Installing a New Thermostat

If your thermostat is old, especially if it is so old that it contains mercury, consider updating.  Old thermostats tend to be inaccurate.  This can lead to the furnace running more often and wasting money.  New digital thermostats are much more accurate.  Programmable thermostats can save you money because you can set it according to your schedule.  Make sure the furnace is not running unnecessarily while you are at work or school and set it to make the house toasty warm before getting out of bed.  Just keep in mind that it is important to dispose of an old thermostat properly, especially if it contains mercury.

Winterize the Outdoor AC Unit

Turn the electricity off to the outdoor unit to keep it from accidentally kicking on.  Wash the unit to get rid of dirt and bird droppings and also clear out leaves, branches, and other debris from inside the unit.  Make sure that there are foam covers over all exposed pipes to protect them from freezing.  Ask your HVAC professional if your unit should be covered.  If the answer is yes, cover it with a waterproof cover and be sure to secure it tightly.

By taking the time to perform regular maintenance and prepare for every season, you will ensure that your system lasts a long time.  Updating insulation and maintaining proper ventilation will also cut costs and keep moisture from building up.  This will save money in the long run and make sure that you have a warm home all winter long.