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Bath and Showers

5 Ways To Customize Your Bathroom

The bathroom is one of the most intimate spaces in the whole house. Therefore, it makes sense that it should be a reflection of your own style and personality. However, many bathrooms end up looking bland and generic. Fortunately, you can make plenty of changes to customize your bathroom and make it not only more personal but more efficient.

1. Shower Door

Shower curtains are flimsy, difficult to clean, and inefficient at preventing water from escaping your shower and getting into places where you don’t want it. Fortunately, you can replace your shower curtains with glass shower doors Dallas TX. They are much more attractive, less prone to developing mold, and more efficient at keeping the water inside your shower where it belongs.

2. Wall Coverings

Changing the look of your bathroom walls changes the entire character of the space. The change you make depends on the effect you want. For cozy-feeling space, try a dark wall color, but to make a small bathroom feel larger, choose a lighter paint.

3. Flooring

Flooring in the bathroom should be durable, easy to clean, and impervious to water. It should also be slip-resistant to help prevent falls. Flooring that meets all these criteria is available in several different materials. Currently, ceramic tile is a popular choice.

4. Shelving

Needless to say, bathroom shelving serves a practical purpose for storage, but it can also be an aesthetic choice. You can make the bathroom look bigger by installing a shelf flush against the mirror.

5. Window Treatments

Not all bathrooms have windows, but for those that do, window treatments are not only an aesthetic design element, but they also help to absorb sound, which can otherwise be a problem in a space with so many hard surfaces. Window treatments are also an opportunity to add pattern, color, and softness.

Decorative bathroom elements can range from the purely functional to the purely aesthetic. As you remodel your bathroom, don’t be afraid to pamper yourself at least a little.