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Bath Solutions for Elderly Comfort and Safety
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Bath Solutions for Elderly Comfort and Safety

Safe bath solutions for the elder are a must in homes and care centers to ensure the safety and comfort in bathing needs. Different elder people have different bathing requirements due to their health conditions and circumstances. Many of the them would prefer to remain independent in caring for themselves especially with personal hygiene and lifestyle needs. Bath designs

A lot of elderly has various issues with the standard designs that do not cater to their changing needs as they age. Hence, the bath industry must be particularly sensitive to the changing lifestyle of the elders to generate appropriate bathing solutions for this particular group of consumers in the market. Custom bathing solution for the elders needs are growing common today with the increasing number of elderly consumers in many homes. The progressive technology improves the lifestyle of consumers to enjoy a longer lifespan albeit various health idiosyncrasies that may impact different elderly. It is important to have specific bathroom designs that cater to the specific physical needs of the elderly. Some modern designs for the elderly have non-slip seats as well as standing space to ensure the comfort and safety of the elderly. Walk-in bathing solutions for elderly are necessary for those who have problems with climbing over the bath tub. Such bath solutions can be customized to accommodate the bathing requirements of the elderly to ensure safety and comfort. Appropriate features

Modern bath solutions that cater to the needs of the elderly may include a full length double ended bath tub with an anti-slip flat base and extra width for comfortable bathing. There are simple controls located conveniently on the console panel for an easy reach and maneuver. The bath or shower design can be made of decorative boarding which is waterproof and hardwearing for an easy cleaning and maintenance that is convenient for the elderly. Glass screens are optional with magnetic shower curtains as alternatives to enjoy a complete bath or shower enclosure. Down-lighters finish off the bath or shower design beautifully to create the best of aura to the bath or shower room. There is a variety of color options to cover the floor or ceiling for the best of aesthetics. Scalding would not happen with the safe thermostat controlled shower while excellent tap controls avoid freezing water splashing down all of a sudden. Modern bath solutions that are appropriate for the elderly can ensure their safety before, during and after their bath or shower times.