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Carpet Cleaning

Choose the perfect size for your Berber carpet!

Berber rugs are known to make a room much more warm and cozy. When well chosen, they become a central element of your decor. In addition to considering style and color, size is an important consideration when choosing the perfect rug. We share our tips with you.

What shape of carpet to choose?

Berber carpets are unique handmade products, but above all they are multiple, so you can place them in a bedroom, a living room or even a hallway. It is essential to choose the shape most suitable for your room. Large, medium or small: the size of the room is the starting point of the search for your Berber carpet.

At Nomad33 you will find mainly rectangular carpets but not only, with our custom service, we can also create round or square carpets.

Place your carpet well to highlight it

The location of your Moroccan Rug Azilal, Beni Ouarain or Kilim must be in harmony with the furniture in your room. The number of furniture, size, layout or color are important information when making your choice. The goal is to structure the space.

A large carpet will emphasize the volumes of a large room. A medium sized rug balances the whole decoration while a smaller rug can create a universe or defined spaces in a large room or simply highlight your furniture.

Installing a Berber carpet in a room

Putting a wool carpet adds comfort to your room but not only because wool is an excellent sound insulator. A Berber carpet finds easily its place in a room.

A large carpet in front of or under your bed gives originality to the room in the width but also in the length! Two small Azilal rugs placed on the sides of your bed will bring a bohemian touch to your decoration. For a child’s room an Azilal rug is also a very good idea.

The Berber carpet for a living room or a dining room

The sofa and the dining table are two very important elements in this type of room. The agreement between these pieces of furniture and your carpet(s) must be very well thought out. Berber carpets were used as floor coverings. Therefore, we advise you to choose a large carpet to put under your sofa or just in front of it.

For the dining room, a carpet a little larger than your table will enhance it. If you’re worried about staining your rug, check out our tips for caring for your Berber rug.