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How You Can Clean Your Own Hardwood Floors in the Right Manner

Hardwood flooring is said to be one of the best flooring options that people use in the home. It provides a touch of elegance to every room, and it is very easy to clean, and you can easily change your house’s look by using this flooring. You can decorate your hardwood floors by placing a few rugs on them. However, whether you are using Brazilian cherry hardwood or using classic oak, it is very important to clean and maintain the hardwood floors to last long. If these floorings are maintained correctly, it helps preserve their beauty and prolongs the life.

Here Are Some of the Simple Steps by Which You Can Treat Your Hardwood Flooring-

1.Clean The Hardwood Flooring Regularly

The hardwood floor is much easier for cleaning as compared to the wall-to-wall carpets. But, it does not mean that they do not need any less cleaning. Certain abrasive particles like dirt and sand particles scratch the wooden floor and give it a shabby look. It is very important to vacuum the hard floor daily for extracting dirt and mop once a week. Put the doormats at each doorstep to prevent the dirt particles from spreading all over the house.

2. Deal With The Strong Stains On The Hardwood Floors

If you spill something on the wooden floors and quickly try to clean the spilled liquid, it will certainly become a stain. We all know that natural wood does not stand water and other liquids, but if you are reacting fast, you are converting the spilled liquid to stain. However, if you are dealing with old stains, mainly the water rings, you should provide more effort for removing the stain. You can use the woolen cloth dipped in the mineral spirit and gently rub the area with circular motions. If you want to remove the water rings from the wooden floors, you should apply non-gel toothpaste on that particular stain. Wait for some time, and then rub the toothpaste on the wooden surface.

3. Get Rid Of The Scuff Marks On The Hardwood Flooring

The scuff marks on the natural wood look hard to clean, but it is very easy to clean them in the real sense. You have to dip a sponge in the warm water and gently rub the spot from the wooden flooring. If the scuff marks do not go away easily, you can use a mild soap to remove them. Another way of cleaning hardwood floors is to buff the wood by using a dry woolen cloth.

4. Conceal The Scratches On The Hardwood Flooring

If you find that there are big and deep scratches on the hardwood flooring, the best solution is to sand the floor and then polish the surface. But if you have to deal with the small scratches, you can remove them by yourself. You can use sandpaper and rub the scratch easily. You can also use black tea for concealing the scratch on the flooring. Another way to deal with the scratches on the wooden floor is to use the fresh walnut skin and rub the walnut shell over the scratch area. You can also apply the wooden polish with a small brush to carefully cover the scratch.

5. Dab The Spills Immediately

You might think that hardwood flooring is water-resistant to various spills compared to the carpets, but some substances can damage the hardwood polish’s topcoat. Some of the common elements that cause spills are pet urine, mustard, and milk. If spills are common in your home, it is better to clean them as soon as possible.

6. Using The Best Type Of Cleaning Products

The best way to keep the hardwood flooring in good condition is to use the best quality cleaning products that help maintain the hardwood surface polish and help clean the dirt particles and spills. Various types of good cleaning products are available in the highly efficient market to clean the debris and dust from the hardwood floors. However, you should check whether these products contain chemicals or not.

Now, as you know the various cleaning processes of hardwood flooring, you will like to install this flooring type in your home. Now, you will know the various benefits of using hardwood flooring-

  1. These floors are highly durable as compared to the other flooring types available in the market. These floors last for a long with proper maintenance and care. They assure you that they will serve you long and are the best alternative to tiles and planks.
  2. This hardwood flooring has the feature of withstanding humidity and other weather conditions. This is the reason why this flooring has become too popular currently.
  3. The hardwood floors are very easy to install and provide a great surface.

Hence, you have an idea regarding the hardwood flooring and how it should be maintained.