All you need to know about keeping the exterior of your house clean

The importance of keeping the outdoor of your house cannot be denied at all as it is one of the most important sites of your house and it has the ability to make or mar the impression of your house. having a beautiful, clean and mold free exterior of the house is going to throw a very pleasant image of the house on the visitors as well as the moods of the members of the house would lift up because the clean house gives a very warm and welcoming gesture when your return home after a long hectic day.

There are a number of reasons for keeping the exterior of your house safe and you will enjoy keeping it clean for yourself as well. Now the question arises that how can you clean the exterior of your house with ease. The first thing you can do is to be the man and get the tools required to get a rime free and clean exterior of the house. but if you do not feel the strength to do the tedious job or you do not have the required equipment or you do not have the time to do so, then the very best thing to do is to hire the professionals for the job. If you want to get the external part of your house cleaned, then the best thing to do is to hire the Las Vegas Pressure Washing experts. Pressure washing is a technique in which a high pressure beam of water is thrown on the external part of your house and its constituents and you can see the visible difference in the looks of the external part of the house.

Once you get your exterior of the house cleaned by pressure cleaning, the house would start looking a lot younger and better than before. The pressure washing removes all the stains, molds, grime and algae from the front of your house. the pressure washing technique is not only used for the cleaning of the external parts of your house, but it can go with anything that can stand the effect of water, pressure washing cleans the house so that it looks good as new and the look of the house is increased many times. The professionals from the services providers of pressure cleaning can help you with securing all your things easily before they throw the water.

Once you have got your exterior of the house thoroughly cleaned and a huge changed is observed in the way it looks and feels, you will find that there the worth of the house also increases. Especially if you have some resale in mind, you can get a better price of the house compared to the rusty and dusty one. So it’s never a bad choice to get your house cleaned once in a while as it has positive effects on the house, the people and the visitors.

Can Too Much Cleaning Ruin Your Carpet?

Let’s face it, carpeting is expensive and it can be tough to keep clean. That can lead homeowners to get a little too devoted to making sure their carpet always looks and feels its best. But is there such a thing as “too much” cleaning and if so, can this pose substantial harm to your carpeting?

Well it depends on who you ask and the kind of carpet you’re dealing with in this case. Many homeowners will think about all of the time they spent with carpet selection and the money it cost to buy and install what they chose. So there’s a concern towards protecting that carpet from dirt and stains but, as with anything else, too much of something may not always be a good thing.

So for those of you who love their carpets but are worried about loving them to death, here are some things to consider from your friends at Chem-Dry of Richmond.

Too Much Vacuuming

Vacuum cleaners can have a wear and tear effect on the fibers of your carpet. Each time you run your vacuum over it, you are putting the surface of the carpet under some level of stress. However, this is fine to do once or twice a week, especially if you live in a household where the carpet routinely receives high levels of foot traffic.

But for those of you who are vacuuming every day, you should probably stop doing it. Running the business end of the vacuum cleaner over the fibers, regardless of whether they’re natural or synthetic, can put them under undue levels of repeated stress. Most of these machines have beater bars and brushes that can pull, yank, stretch, and ultimately weaken the fibers along the surface.

Proper Vacuuming Techniques

For those of you who prefer to spend a significant amount of time on vacuuming your carpets each week, you can take some steps to reduce the amount of stress and strain that moving a vacuum cleaner over your carpet can do to it.

For starters, check to see if your vacuum has a variety of height settings. Many of them do and when you change the height you can better preserve the fibers of the carpet. If your vacuum is set too low, the beater bar or brush can have a harsh impact on the carpeting surface. It may also damage the vacuum itself since neither the machine or the carpeting should undergo this type of stress.

Just be sure you’re not setting it too high either, otherwise you won’t actually bring anything up from the surface fibers of the material. Then why bother?

When to Vacuum

Carpets do not need to be vacuumed every day. They just don’t, because half the time you’re not really doing anything to eliminate dirt and grime since you haven’t given it enough time for any to end up in the carpet fibers.

So when is the best time to vacuum? You should do it about once or twice a week, with high traffic areas getting a little more attention on a regular basis. Anything more than that is excessive and you’re not really making much of a difference anyway.

Too Much Deep Cleaning

Much like with vacuuming, deep-cleaning your carpet can also have a wear and tear effect that could end up putting the fibers and other backing materials underneath under excessive amounts of stress. But when it comes to deep cleaning too much, you are running the risk of allowing too much moisture to get into the carpet and become trapped under the backing material and even the padding below.

When this happens, you run the risk of mold and mildew forming and this can be a very hazardous situation for you and your family. Inhaling mold spores can do serious damage to your health and if too much mold grows, you will need to rip the carpet up, remove it, and possibly replace it.

Some homeowners are also concerned about their carpet shrinking as a result of too much deep cleaning and while a carpet can shrink if it’s made of natural fibers, this typically happens due to the professional cleaning service you’ve chosen doing the work improperly. They used too much water in doing the job and have left too much of it behind after “completing” the work.

The bigger concern is allowing too much moisture to get trapped underneath and cause mold, you can worry less about shrinkage. Most of the carpets on the market today are made of synthetic fibers where shrinkage is less likely to occur.


6 Useful Carpet Cleaning Hacks

Our carpets are everything in our lives. We take all that time to choose the best look, feel, and color for our homes and spend a considerable amount of money to have them installed. So when something gets spilled on those fibers, it can feel like the end of the world. One mess can leave behind a stain that you’ll be forced to look at each and every time you enter the room.

But it doesn’t have to be this way, not if you act fast and pick up spills and messes right when they happen instead of allowing that liquid or substance to remain. The longer it stays on the carpet, the more likely that liquid or substance will soak in and penetrate the fibers. That’s how stains occur.

But not all spills require a carpet cleaning service everett, sometimes all you need to remove carpet stains is a good cleaning hack or two so you can do the job yourself before you call the professionals for an annual cleaning.

With that in mind, here are six useful carpet cleaning hacks you should know:

1. Iron Out Stubborn Stains

The next time you have a stubborn stain that doesn’t want to come out, iron it out. Placing a hot iron on those hard to lift stains may be just the thing you need to give that a carpet a whole new look. Just remember to vacuum thoroughly first as you don’t want surface dirt or dust to get in the way of eradicating that stain entirely.

2. Blot, Never Wipe

The trick to removing a major stain is to get at it as fast as you can. That means blotting at the area with a dry, clean cloth so you can absorb the excess moisture of the spill. Don’t wipe as that can just force the liquid to absorb into the carpet fibers instead of the cloth in your hand.

3. Baking Soda and Essential Oils

When your carpet begins to smell, it’s time to deodorize. But you don’t need to go out and buy costly, abrasive chemicals and artificial scents, you can make your own homemade deodorizer from a mixture of baking soda and essential oils.

4. Vinegar and Water

Old carpets can look new again by making a homemade stain remover from equal parts vinegar and water. Mix them together and spray on those dark, hard stains in your carpet. Let sit for a few minutes and then blot.

5. Shaving Cream

Sounds strange but carpeting in beige, white, yellow and other pastels can benefit from using shaving cream to remove tough stains. Just rub and allow it to sit for a few minutes. The best part is that it works on just about any stain made from dirt, grime, and normal foot traffic wear and tear.

6. Use a Carpet Brush

Most homeowners don’t think to own a carpet brush, but it’s really one of the most useful carpet cleaning tools you can have at your disposal. This type of brush can get those ground in contaminants that fall past the surface of the fibers, making your carpet cleaner and healthier to walk and live on.