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Antique Chic for Your Home Décor: 101
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Antique Chic for Your Home Décor: 101

For some people, the very idea of trawling around charity shops and second-hand stores to find hidden gems for their home decor is not their thing. These stores can be excellent places to look for furniture and furnishings to give your home the magic touch.

If you are far more drawn to creating a vintage look throughout the entirety of your home and are looking for ways to bring antique chic to your home, then you should most definitely continue reading.

Shabby Chic Furniture Pieces

First and foremost, one fantastic method of introducing a solid streak of antique vibes into your home decor and overall interior design aesthetic is to hit the second-hand and charity shops to source furniture in the shabby chic style.

From coffee tables for the living room to grand bed posts in the master bedroom, if you commit the time, patience, and energy into the process, you can find the most beautiful and striking items of furniture for remarkably low prices.

Furthermore, do bear in mind that the mismatched style is the epitome of antique chic, so the more contrasting styles, colors, patterns, and designs of each piece of furniture you bring home, the better.

The Bigger the Mirror, the Better!

Another key feature of antique chic in terms of interior design and home décor is the presence of grand, ornate, and truly beautiful mirrors. It is not just the size of the mirror that is important here, it’s how many of them you have as well.

Look for full-length mirrors with a silver finish. For extra antique chic points, you should also focus on finding such mirrors with raised detailing in the corners. Moreover, you could also combine and contrast different shapes of mirrors too, with straighter shapes for larger mirrors and circular or oval shapes for the smaller ones.

Invest in a Fireplace

No vision of a home focused around vintage vibes and antique chic could possibly be complete without the addition of a fireplace.

If you already have a fireplace built into your home, it is time to make this area the star of the show and the focus of the room and if you have yet to feel the numerous benefits of a fireplace, check out the impressive range of antique fireplaces from

There are numerous benefits to the addition of a fireplace to a room, including the following:

  • Added atmosphere and ambiance
  • Savings on your monthly energy bills
  • A warm and cozy feeling inside the room
  • Additional appeal and value to your property overall

Feminine Textures & Textiles

The fourth and final main component of a home décor style based around vintage chic is the addition of materials that are typically vintage in both look and feel.

Materials such as lace, velvet, and silk are the perfect choices when looking for cushions and throws to complement your desire for a traditional, vintage style décor. Furthermore, you could also source cushions with intricately embroidered detail and flowing and loose fabrics such as muslin, chiffon, and organza for curtains and blinds.