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4 Ways to Reduce Household Waste

If you’re trying to be more ecologically responsible, it can seem impossible at first. Let’s face it, plastic and other single-use materials just make life easier. If you can’t do a complete overhaul of your family’s lifestyle, you still have options to greatly reduce waste.

Switch Soaps

When it comes to hand and body soap, go old-fashioned and switch to bars. Shampoos and conditioners similarly can be swapped for solid products. You don’t have to stop there, as you can find detergent sheets for laundry that offer a highly concentrated soap with none of the plastic packaging. Since these products tend to be sized so compact, less fossil fuel is burned up shipping them compared to standard soaps.

Repair Appliances

Not just the big ones like fridges and ovens, but smaller ones like coffee makers or blenders. Calling a TV repairman Dover DE to fix your widescreen instead of throwing it in the trash will keep it out of a landfill and may cost less than replacing it.

Brush Better

Every year North American landfills receive around one billion plastic toothbrushes. Several companies have decided to address this problem by creating compostable ones made with bamboo. To make your bathroom habits even more eco-friendly, consider switching to plastic-free flosses such as silk or bamboo fiber.

Dine Responsibly

If you’re planning on going out to a restaurant to eat and think you might have leftovers, bring your own box so you don’t need any single-use containers. If you get takeout a lot, carry a set of utensils with you that you can wash and use again and again. If you have a favorite coffee house you visit every day, ask if they are open to filling reusable cups for their patrons. If you don’t have the space for one in your purse or bag, you can go smaller with reusable silicon or stainless steel straws.

All of these swaps aren’t just as good as their less eco-friendly alternatives, in some instances, they’re better. Try one out today.