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Choosing the Right Dishwasher

Whether you are doing a few updates or undertaking a complete remodel, adding a dishwasher is a popular project. Taking some time to consider what you need in an appliance can help you find exactly what you are looking for.

Siting the Dishwasher

Before arranging for dishwasher installation in Gaithersburg, MD, inspect the area where you want the dishwasher to go. Are there hook-ups there or will they need to be added? Is your house wiring up to code? Dishwashers need their own circuit and a GFCI breaker on the electrical panel. In addition to electrical work, inspect the water lines. Newer homes generally have hook-ups already, but older houses may require some plumbing work.

Full-Size or Compact

The most popular size for dishwashers is 24 inches, but more compact 18-inch models are available. The size of the dishwasher you choose is usually determined by the space where you want to have it installed and the number of people living in the home.  A smaller model is perfect for a couple, but if you have a couple of children or like to entertain, it is best to go with the larger machine.

Standard Model or Special Features

In addition to where to put it and how big it should be, dishwashers today have many features to choose from. You can program the wash cycle to start when you want it to or choose a light wash for fragile wine glasses or heavy duty for pot and pans. Some models include a rinsing cycle that removes food particles from a partial load of dishes to discourage bacterial growth and bad smells while you wait for enough dishes for a full load. A sanitizing feature will get dishes extra clean.

Whisper Quiet

Gone are the days when the dishwasher drowned out the television in the living room. You can get models today that are barely audible from the next room. An extra layer of insulation during installation can dampen noise as well.

By taking a bit of time to do your homework, you can find the dishwasher that is just right for you.