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How To Prepare To Become a Firefigher

Working as a firefighter is a noble career. You focus your life on putting yourself into potentially dangerous situations and help people in ways that they can’t help themselves. It takes a lot of work, preparation and dedication to become a firefighter, so it’s essential to understand what you need to do before starting the process.

Speak To Local Firefighters

Current firefighters are going to be your biggest asset in your quest to become one. You can ask them what they did to prepare themselves and learn about different programs and parts of the fire department. Find out how they feel about their department and anything they would have done differently. Ask them how they felt about taking the orals and how they studied for their tests. Every bit of information you can acquire will help propel you on your how do I become a firefighter in Texas quest.

Become an EMT

While becoming an EMT might not be required before you get hired as a firefighter, about 90% of applicants must get their certification after they are hired. If you take the time to become an EMT before you are hired, it will help you stand out from the crowd. You’ll already have an extra skillset that many others won’t have. EMT training is essential as a firefighter because as many as 75% of most of your calls will be medical-related.

Start Taking Your Tests

Taking the firefighter tests is the best way to truly learn about the job and what is required. If you fail, you don’t have to worry because you’re learning what the process is. Don’t beat yourself up if you don’t pass with flying colors your first time. Learn from your mistakes and try not to make them again. Some fire departments only test every few years, so learn when the tests are happening in your areas so you can be prepared to take them.

Take Care of Your Body and Mind

Your body and mind are going to be some of your biggest assets when you’re a firefighter. Because of that, you need to start taking care of them now. Eat well and exercise. Give your body the fuel it needs to get strong and perform well. If you drink, don’t drink in excess. If you smoke, consider stopping. Smoking damages your lungs and doesn’t allow them to function at their best. Finally, fix any issues that you have that need dealt with. If you have anger issues, find out what is behind them and fix them. If you have PTSD from something in your past, address it. These are all things that will give you a leg up in the hiring process.