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5 Great Cleaning Tips For The Cleanest Windows Ever

Everyone struggles with clean windows. No matter how hard you try, it seems like streaks and water spots are an inevitability. Still, when it comes to finding a way to clean your windows without leaving a lot of ugly streaks behind, there are a few methods that are better than others. The type of cleaner you use is important, as is the actual style of cleaning. Before your plan to replace your old, dirty windows with the best window installation in Raleigh, here are a few cleaning tips to help you achieve that flawless shine.

1. Use Natural Products

While it might be tempting to blitz your window with some serious glass cleaner, it’s actually best to be gentle when treating your window. Using a natural cleaner, such as a mix of vinegar and hot water, will do a great job of removing hard water spots while leaving a clean finish. Even a bit of dish detergent diluted with water will do the job. The trick is not to use too much or too little product. Using too much will leave a soapy film, while using too little won’t do enough to get the dirt and streaks off of your window glass.

2. Squeegee

You might want to simply wipe down your windows with an old dishrag, the best way to ensure a clean window is to use a squeegee tool to wipe with gentle, even strokes. This won’t just help protect your window from scrapes caused by over-abrasive rags and dishcloths, it will help you clean your window without simply moving the dirt around.

3. Wipe Down, Not Across

Using a squeegee will help guide you in the right direction: That is, up and down rather than side to side. By wiping in a vertical direction, you’ll be able to avoid streaks from dirty water dripping down the sides of your windows. You’ll also be able to get into those hard-to-reach corners more easily. Many homeowners neglect these corners and end up with only semi-clean windows as a result. Don’t make the mistake of going through the trouble of cleaning your window only to end up with filthy corners and staining.

4. Don’t Air Dry

While using the right tools will help you avoid streaks, you also don’t want to leave your window to dry off on its own. The great thing about a squeegee is that it dries while it cleans, leaving your window streak-free on the way down. However, even if you use the right methods and tools, you can still end up with dripping on the bottom of your windowpane if you don’t soak up the excess with a microfiber cloth rather than leaving it to dry on its own.

5. Clean on a Gray Day

Worried about under-cleaning your window? We’ve all been there. The best way to keep your window clean is to only approach the task on a gray day when you can actually see your progress. Cleaning on a day that’s too sunny will trick you into thinking your window is fully streak-free when it could actually use another wipe down.