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What Are Dorma Doors?

Dorma makes a variety of door hardware, including surface door closers, concealed door closers, low-energy door operators, and access control hardware. Find out more about the benefits of dorma doors new york and how they can benefit you. These doors add security to your home or office.

revolving doors

Revolving Dorma doors have been around for over a century. The first such revolving door was patented in 1888 by H. Bockhacker and named “Tur ohne Luftzug”. The revolving door acted as an airlock, keeping street noise and fumes outside. They were instrumental in skyscrapers, where pressure differences made conventional doors challenging to open.

The doors can be used to prevent drafts, reduce building energy costs, and let many people pass through. The top five players dominate the global market for revolving Dorma doors. North America holds 30%, followed by Europe with 40%.

Revolving Dorma doors usually include card reader interlocks to ensure that only one person can use the door at a time. They can be operated on a schedule or constantly be on access control. Some revolving doors have a delayed egress door panel next to them so that only one person can pass through at a time. Another feature is that they can be programmed to allow access only to those with handicapped cards.

automatic swing doors

Automatic swing doors open silently and are incredibly convenient for elderly or disabled people. This type of automatic door works through a microprocessor and safety radars to detect objects in the door’s path. They can be installed on both existing and newly constructed doors. The main difference between automatic and manual swing doors is the type of operation. Automatic swing doors can be activated by a button or handwave sensor.

These automatic swing doors sweep inwards or outwards and are commonly used in government buildings, office buildings, and shopping centers. They are typically installed overhead but can be installed underground. Installation takes two to three days, although the door can take up to four weeks to manufacture a top-quality door.

automatic revolving doors

If you’re looking for a new entrance for your business, you should consider installing Automatic Revolving Doors. This type of entrance system is incredibly convenient and one of the most cost-effective options. Automated Entrance Systems can help you install it: Here are the benefits of automatic revolving doors:

The revolving door rotates at speeds and is powered by a motor gear drive assembly. Electronic sensors are essential for operation. The throat opening has a presence detection sensor that initiates rotation of the door as users approach. The remaining sensors are safety sensors designed to prevent accidental contact with the door. Automatic revolving doors come in various colors and can be painted in the desired color.

automatic sliding doors

The sliding doors of the Dorma brand feature a slim profile system. They come in single and double-leaf configurations and can be configured for improved thermal separation and burglary protection. Automatic sliding door systems fulfill various functions, including regulating the flow of people and energy. These systems also provide hands-free access to rooms and are tested for a million cycles.

Automatic sliding doors feature safety features, such as sensors that detect obstacles. These sensors can be light beams, infrared safety sensors, or radar. In addition, a resistance-sensing motor reverses the closing action if an obstruction is detected and the operator remains within the room. In addition to these features, automatic sliding doors are also offered in steel, aluminum, and glass. They are also easy to install and can be adapted to almost any space, including commercial spaces.