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7 Quaint Home Updates

When you think of a quaint home, what do you think of? An upstate country cottage? A Southern bungalow? A rustic cabin somewhere in the American West?

Each of these answers is correct. Quaint homes exist everywhere in the United States. Furthermore, unless your architectural style is very modern, you can make updates to just about any type of home to make it feel more quaint.

The new year is a good time to plan any home updates. If you’ve been hankering for a homier feeling in your dwelling place, here are some good ideas for making your house more quaint.

  1. Lace Curtains

Not only are window treatments made of lightweight material, such as Paul’s Home Fashions lace curtains, elegant and classy, they also allow you to take advantage of natural light.

  1. Patterned Quilts

If you happen to have a handmade quilt available, so much the better. Nevertheless, any patterned quilt will give your bedroom a similarly quaint feeling. Paul’s Home Fashions farmhouse bedding may provide some inspiration.

  1. Furniture Slipcovers

With slipcovers for your furniture, you can create any pattern or style you want. Not only that, but slipcovers serve a practical purpose. They protect your furniture from dust and spills. When they get dirty, you simply remove them and throw them into the washing machine.

  1. Distressed Furniture

Furniture that has seen some wear and tear is often more quaint than that which looks brand new. You can find some attractively distressed antique pieces, or you can create the look yourself by applying sandpaper to your painted furniture.

  1. Beaded Board

More than any other design element, beaded board creates a quaint and cozy style most quickly. You can repurpose salvaged beaded board, or you can visit your local home improvement store for a faux beaded board option.

  1. Lattice Work

A lattice is typically thought of as an outdoor design element. However, use it for wainscoting on the interior, and you’ve brought an element of your garden into your home. You can then double down on this quaint update by painting or papering your walls with a floral motif.

  1. Refracting Crystals

Not only is a fixture with prisms a charming, old-fashioned touch, but it can also change the lighting in your room in unexpected, delightful ways.

Many of these updates can be made by salvaging or repurposing existing materials. In this way, you not only make your home more quaint, but you stand to save money and help the environment by preventing old pieces from ending up in landfills.