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Consider these Four Factors when Searching for a Wood Floor

There are various types of woods with a variety of colors, textures, and finishes. Finding a wood type to purchase currently may not be a really big problem since several vendors, including Engineered oak Denver, CO-based, have full details to enlighten you. However, knowing which wood fits your home is an overwhelming task. With the various types of wood all looking appealing, physical appearance may not just be the only determining factor in choosing an ideal wood floor. That is why we have put together these five factors to help you make a decision.

Type of Flooring 

Currently, you can only find two, major types of flooring engineered hardwood and solid hardwood. For the solid, it is extracted from logs of wood joined using a traditional tongue in both its long and short edges. You can get it either as a prefinished or still unfinished. There are also some in strips or buying planks.

The engineered wood is just a composition of several layers of plywood topped and glued into a layer of solid wood. It is mostly in thickness of about three-quarter inches of wood in width. The length can be as long as 4 to 6 inches of wood. The two types share the same beauty with the only difference being their composition.

Choice of Wood Species

Similar to the types of wood flooring, there are several species of wood that are used for flooring. However, there are those that are harder and more durable. For instance, red oak is much harder than white oak. These two are commonly used in domestic wood flooring, yet maple is the hardest compared to oak and a popular choice.

Color, Appearance, and Grains

Wood for flooring is in a variety of species, finishes, and styles. It would be simple to choose a floor that matches your bedroom décor. Most people would prefer to match all their rooms with one or several types of wood. Even so, there are those that are favorable in places of high traffic like the doors, and others would do well in areas likely to get wet, such as the kitchen and near the bathroom. Nonetheless, virtually all wood types can be applied anywhere in your rooms but the finer details are critical to some extent.

Cost of Wood and Installation

There are different rates for each wood type depending on the quality, size, thickness, and color. The material will also influence prices. Generally, solid prefinished wood flooring would cost around $3.5 to $13 per square foot. The average cost of your installation could be about half of what it would cost on flooring. However, this depends on what type of wood and flooring you want for your home.

Finally, the hard part about flooring and installation is the choice of wood you will use. These stages, though, can easily be solved if accompanied by an expert in such services. Find your installer or an expert in person in the same to enlighten you on every aspect of choosing a floor if the above details did not shade a full light.