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Embrace pale flooring :Dare you go all white

A white floor may seem like a crazy idea, but it is fast becoming a real trend with homeowners looking to create a light, versatile look. Especially if you own a place at a Park Homes Gloucester location found at sites like

Light and space

If you are a fan of Scandinavian design, a light floor is the perfect choice for creating a feeling of space. A white floor reflects the light, bouncing the sun’s rays around the room, and is particularly beneficial in rooms with a low ceiling, as it opens up the area.

White flooring is clean and classic with a touch of chic. Although it is a bold move, especially in a heavy-traffic area, there is no doubt that it is a stylish look that allows you to play around with other colours. White is timeless – when you decide to redecorate, it will go with any new scheme you choose.

White floors can be modern, rustic or traditional, depending on how you execute them and what you pair them with. As the Scandinavians will tell you, an all-white scheme can be really calming. Layers of whites, creams, beige and oatmeal work beautifully together for a classic look.

A white floor will make your furniture really stand out, especially if it is in a bold colour with statement legs. There is a reason art galleries often have white floors – they are the perfect choice for making the most of any art and accent colours in the room.

Choose your shade

If you are not afraid to embrace the ultra-pale look, you may want to paint existing floorboards white for a really airy feel. If this is not an option, you could go for white laminate flooring, which has the same look as wood but is not as expensive. Laminates do not just come in brilliant white; alternatively, you could go for an oak white, which still creates an elegant look to enhance your natural décor.

Have a look at different options and styles from a specialist provider. You could order samples before you take the plunge to make sure you are going for the right shade for your home.

Although white may initially seem stark, a white floor – especially one that has a slightly darker tone – can add warmth to a room, particularly through the use of soft lighting and materials.