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How Much Water Can You Actually Save With Artificial Grass?

Sustainably using our resources seems to be becoming a common goal in our society. This is especially so when people realize that it only takes a little change to make a big difference. One of the main things we can all do is use less water in our everyday lives. From how long we take a shower to not waiting for the water to get hot when we wash our faces or brush our teeth–these efforts can go a long way. One effort you may not have thought of is getting artificial grass for your yard. It’s a simple and powerful way to reduce water usage because it simply doesn’t require any water for its maintenance.

How Much Water Can I Save With Artificial Turf In My Lawn?

In order to know how much water you can save with artificial turf, you need to know how much water you currently use on your lawn on average. 12,000 gallons of water is used on 200-square feet of lawn each year. Consider this figure as you’re trying to figure out the needs of your lawn specifically. It seems obvious, but the larger your yard is, the more water you’re using every year and it’s more water than you probably thought.

The Many Benefits Of Artificial Turf

The good that comes from artificial turf does not stop at saving all that water every year. Artificial turf also saves you hours upon hours of maintenance. It does not need anywhere near the amount of maintenance that the average natural grass lawn needs. You do not have to water it, cut it, or edge it to ensure it stays pristine.

Opting for artificial turf also eliminates the need to keep up with spraying pesticides or having to use fertilizers. It’s also a great option for a game of football with your friends or soccer for your kids, as it’s exactly the same material used on those sports fields.

Saving Money With Artificial Turf

Another great reason to choose artificial turf over natural grass is the amount of money you save. You don’t pay anyone to maintain your lawn, you don’t have to buy gas for lawn equipment when you mow the lawn yourself, and you are not plugging lawn equipment into any outlets (saving electricity). Depending on how much your natural lawn typically needs to be cared for, this could end up saving you about $800 a year when figuring in the cost of water, fertilizer, and maintenance.

Getting Artificial Turf

Artificial turf is a great way to save the environment by saving water, but how exactly do you go about getting it for your yard? The answer is simple. All you have to do is find an artificial turf supplier that will help you along with every step to ensure you get the yard you deserve.

Making the switch to artificial turf can make a tremendous difference in your carbon footprint, your financial situation, and your overall lifestyle. It can be installed on rooftops, outside of your home, on playgrounds, and more. Find out how you specifically can benefit from artificial turf today by getting in touch with Synlawn.