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The Artificial Turf Purchasing Process: A Step-by-Step Guide

So, you have decided to make the switch to artificial grass…and you aren’t alone. Over the last few years, expanding residential growth has led to a 2.2% growth in this market. When going through the artificial turf purchasing process, you might not know where to begin as there are many types of grass to choose from. This step-by-step guide will answer all of the questions you have when it comes to changing to artificial turf.

Do the Research

The first step in this process is to do your own research on artificial turf. You probably already know the benefits of installing artificial grass and why it is a good investment for your home, but you might not know all the specifics in terms of brand, type, and price. You can find plenty of information online to start the research process.

Choose the Location

Where do you want to install the artificial grass in your home? Some common places that artificial turf is used in the home is on decks, patios, terraces, around pools, playgrounds, or pet areas.  You might want to do the entire lawn or just a portion of the lawn. This will give you an idea of exactly how much grass you will need to purchase.

Book a Consultation

Having a professional come to your house and evaluate your specific needs will ensure that you get the lawn that is the best choice for your house. Speaking with an expert who can answer your questions will set your mind at ease over this investment. He or she can direct you not only to the best kind of artificial turn but also on the best infill choice by examining the area where you want to lay it.

Types of Turf

Not all turf is created equal. Some variations are better suited for residential areas, while some are for sports-use. With so many variations on the market, you will need to determine which one is best for your house. High-quality turf will be more expensive but will last longer. If your house has kids or pets, a long-lasting, durable turf is a good choice. Installing long-lasting artificial turf will hold up in places that receive heavy traffic. And, artificial turf that is well-maintained can last 10-15 years.

Most artificial grass for the home has more yarn, which makes them look better. They are also strong enough to handle heavy foot traffic. Since it will be used outdoors, it should also be able to withstand the heat, sun, and elements, especially if you live in a particularly hot climate.

If you are considering installing artificial turf in your home, Synlawn can offer a free consultation to ensure you are getting the type of lawn that fits your needs and your budget.