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Chest of Drawers

Chest of Drawers, A Great Storage Solution to Keep Miscellaneous Items

Who wants to keep their necessary items like clothing and other accessories in an unsorted way? I guess nobody. In a world of competiton everybody wants to look perfect and also want their homes to look stylish and best. Buying a simple open wardrobe will not help in any manner.Chest of drawers will suit best in this case. Chest of drawers also known as the bureau is a classic storage furniture with multiple horizontal storage box stacked one upon the another to keep clothing and accessories. It has been transformed from a convenience of the wealth to the standard piece of bedroom furniture. They usually come in 5, 6 and 7 box varieties with unique features like they add an attraction towards the focal point of the bedroom,provides a flat surface to keep other decorative items and much more. They are life changing boxes with features that differentiate it from simple wardrobes. So have a look. Size: Chest of drawers usually come in wide range of size and space ranging from small to tall. Tall closet are typically narrow and have maximum 9 storage box and can be placed in small floor space.The small drawers have less storage space and also required extra floor space to keep in the bedroom because they are wide enough. Style: Whether you are designing your room in a contemporary style or traditional style, this storage box will fit in all the styles. Wooden chest of drawers with oak furnish or cherry -wood furnish will add a classic and comfortable look, while closet with silver accents will add a modern look.They look fantastic for nurseries when providing with a neutral maple wood blend.Thus overall chest of drawers will match with all the existing colours and decors of your interior. Materials: From classic mahogany to affordable wood products chest of drawers can be constructed from a variety of material.Even the hardware and the accents for the storage box can be made from materials like wood, glass, metal and much more, ensuring that they will suit any room and lifestyle. Finish: Like other furniture pieces chest of drawers are available online in various finishes such as honey, teak, walnut, mahogany etc. So that they can match with your decor and style. Base: Another feature that can influence the function and look of this box is its base.Some drawers have its bottom shelf rest directly to the ground while others may have legs made up of wood or metal.Some models may also include a decorative kick plate along the bottom which can help improve the overall style of the closet. Drawers: To ensure smooth opening and closing feature, chest of drawers contains boxes that usually sit on wooden or metal gliders.Also, they have a stopping mechanism to prevent storage boxes from falling out and protecting from damage. They often come with varying size and number. Having a chest of drawers to keep your loose items is essential as it not only make your house a sorted place but will also provide a decor to the interior.They provide the answer to many storage problems thus do your homework of researching chest of drawers online India and get the useful results.