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4 Ways To Add Old-World Charm to a Room

Even if your home has a modern look, you can still find ways to add old-world charm. There’s something so comforting about decor from years gone by and you don’t need to change your entire home to achieve it. Here are four ways to add old-world charm to a room in a heartbeat.

  1. Change the Color

One of the quickest ways to change an entire room is to pick out a new color. Get an old-world vibe by choosing warmer colors like beige, terracotta or even deep red or green. Think of the colors of an old map or historic library and let that be your inspiration for selecting just the right shade.

  1. Incorporate Nostalgic Lighting

Lighting is one of the most effective ways to add a certain type of feel to any room. With Edison bulb lighting Kansas City, you’ll capture the yellowish glow that filament bulbs are so famous for. This type of bulb can be used on a hanging pendant, sconce or in its own base.

  1. Display Antique Pieces

Another way to incorporate an old-world look is to display well-thought-out antique pieces. For example, a classic leather sofa or reading chair fits well in almost any room. Gilded mirrors, old-style pictures, globes or books will also give your room a charismatic look.

  1. Add an Oriental Rug

For making an old-world statement in any room, you can’t go wrong with an Oriental rug. Oriental rugs come in dozens of colors and look beautiful anywhere. Use the shades found in the rug to choose pillows, drapes or other pieces that tie the room together.

If you’re looking to add old-world charm and comfort to your house, you can do it all in one day. With nostalgic lighting, antique pieces and new paint, you’ll get exactly the look you want.