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Top Common Mistakes To Avoid When Buying Cabinets

When designing a new kitchen, the choice of the cabinet can be challenging. You don’t want to settle for non-durable products that will require replacement after some years. So, take your time, research, and seek professional advice when shopping.

Choosing the Wrong Color

Your kitchen cabinet’s color should be cohesive. This will make the space feel stylish and comfortable. If you order online, you may not get the color correctly. So, ask for assistance to settle for the right color. In addition, ensure the cabinets match the walls and floor colors.

Not Considering Some Policies

Whether buying online or in a physical shop, problems do occur. It is important to buy from manufacturers with good customer service to make shopping easier. Ensure you understand the company’s return policy and warranty. This way, you will avoid the stress of receiving the wrong product.

Ignoring New Appliances

Most people take measurements of existing appliances only. They forget to leave out spaces for other appliances they wish to purchase later, which leads to extra charges to reduce the size of the cabinets. So, take measurements and consider space for new appliances.

Settling for Low-Quality Materials

It’s tempting to settle for cheap cabinets to save some coins. However, cheap is usually expensive in the long run. The cabinets may be cheap, but they may not be durable, and so you’ll require replacements after some years. Ask your carpenter or friends for recommendations to purchase durable cabinets.

No Considering Prices

The rush to get new RTA cabinets can lead to purchasing overpriced cabinets. So, shop around for different manufacturers and compare prices. There are various reasons why prices differ, so settle for fair prices and always consider quality.

Buying Particleboard

Particleboards are boards made of compressed sawdust held together by glue. Since they are cheap, most homeowners go for them but regret it later. Particleboards swell when exposed to moisture, don’t smoothen after sanding, and don’t hold screws well.

Taking Wrong Measurements

This is usually common when ordering white RTA cabinets online. Taking incorrect measurements can lead to project delays and additional costs. Therefore, ensure you take the wall-to-wall measurements or seek a professional’s services to be sure.

Doing Installation by Yourself

With so many DIY videos online, people are always tempted to install cabinets. However, without knowledge, you cannot install the cabinets correctly. You may end up having unaligned doors or frames. Hire a professional for the tasks and ensure they are qualified and experienced.

Getting the Wrong Handles and Knobs

Most people avoid purchasing the correct hardware for their kitchen cabinets to minimize costs. Frequently used drawers and cabinets wear and tear easily. The handles and knobs help to increase their lifespan and add an elegant look. Make sure you buy the right handles to protect your costly cabinets.

It’s not easy to choose the best kitchen cabinets. If you don’t have the right knowledge, you may make mistakes when making cabinet selections. The common mistakes homeowners make are, buying substandard materials, taking wrong measurements, ignoring new appliances, and installing cabinets without hiring a qualified carpenter.