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Top Ways To Irrigate Your Garden

If you have a large personal garden in your yard that you use to grow fruits, vegetables and other plants, you may know how much of a chore daily watering can be. Here are some of the top ways you can irrigate your garden.

Naturally Occurring Water Might Be Available

Not everyone has the option to collect naturally occurring water on their property, but if you are lucky enough to have water sources you can use this water for your garden. If you live somewhere that has enough annual rainfall to collect water, rain barrels are an excellent option to keep your water bills low.  If groundwater is a resource you are lucky to be situated on, you may have an existing well you can put to use for irrigation or you can dig a water well El Campo that can be connected to irrigation. There are regulations that need to be followed when you are digging a well, so be sure to do your research if this is an option for you.

Hoses May Do the Trick

Using a hose with a handheld sprayer may be all you need, but there are also drip hoses and linked hose systems that can water larger areas easily. If you have time constraints or will be out of town, you can connect hoses to a timer to make sure your plants still get the hydration they need.

Sprinkler Systems May Be Necessary

Sprinkler systems can be an investment, but they can water both a garden and your grass yard. Typically, these will be installed professionally and are hooked up to a control system that can be set with timers for ease of use. There are some associated maintenance costs with these systems, as sprinkler heads can be easily broken, but are a good option for large spaces.

If you are tired of lugging watering cans around your yard every day, the irrigation options listed above might be just what your garden needs.