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3 Outdoor Building Projects for This Spring

Spring is near, and people will be excited to tackle some new outdoor projects.

Build a Deck

Having a deck, patio, or a porch around your house is fabulous for outdoor lounging. You can adorn it with comfortable seating, pretty flower pots, and a propane-fueled heater for cooler evenings. You’ll want to use wood suitable for the outdoors like redwood or cedar. Manufactured wood is just as durable as redwood or cedar and doesn’t require any care. The trickiest part about building a structure like this is making sure it is level. Even if you take care to level and compact the ground, it still shifts over time. You can use patio deck supports that are easy to adjust on the spot.

Build a Shed

Most newer homes have large garages that people use for storage. If your house doesn’t already have a place to keep your tools and seasonal items, you may need to build a shed. Before you get started, check out this page 108 DIY Shed Plans to get some great ideas. If your budget is tight and doesn’t need anything pretty, try the $30 shed. If your yard is your paradise, maybe try the “Ultimate Garden Shed”! You may also want to consider if you’ll be using it for anything other than storage like an art studio or a place for travelers to stay the night.

Build a Bench

If you’re new to woodworking, a bench is a great place to start. It’s an easy project that can add form and function to your garden. Browse photos online for ideas, and visit your local hardware store for supplies. You may even be able to build one from items you already have lying around your yard. You can use trees stumps, bricks, or cinder blocks to serve as bases, and old boards to form the seat. A few cute outdoor cushions on a bench made from these items would dress it up nicely. Finish the area with flower pots or a fountain, and you’ll have a lovely seating area.

Build Raised Garden Beds

Growing food is very rewarding and healthy. Getting down on the ground to plant and weed is not so easy, though. Building raised beds will allow you better to enjoy gardening and reap the fruits of your labor. Adding soil to a raised garden bed is also easier than tilling and amending your soil.

You and your yard will significantly benefit from these rewarding Spring building projects.