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First Signs You Need New Roof

The roof of a home is perhaps the most important element of safety and design, apart from the home’s foundation. It is used to protect the interior from water damage and other elements, and while doing so protects the electrical and structural features of the home. When you live in an area susceptible to strong weather patterns or you are surrounded by a lot of trees, the condition of your roof will need to be assessed regularly.

Maintenance and Inspection Schedule

From down below, your roof might appear to be in good condition. It isn’t until watermarks and leaks appear on the inside that people tend to climb up to the roof and take a look around. The other time is when there are emergency roof repairs Denver CO residents need due to storms or falling debris damage. It is not always feasible or safe to survey the roof at eyesight, so it is recommended that you use a roofing company to help keep a watch on your roof.

Signs of Damage

If you notice a lot of erosion around the foundation or there is water in the basement after a heavy rain, you might want to check the roof before anything else. Your roof should direct rainfall towards a gutter system, which will then carry the water away from the house. If the drains on the roof are clogged or the pitch of the roof isn’t correct, it can allow the water to back up in different areas and mitigate the assistance of the gutters. Water marks on the ceiling or walls on the interior of the home will also indicated a roofing issue. Moisture in the attic might show there are drainage issues.

If you let your roof go into disrepair, there can be adverse effects on your home’s safety. Leaking water can compromise the structural support beams, and the roof can collapse. Establish an inspection schedule before it becomes a problem.