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Fun Workouts in Chicago

Chicago is known for many things: a great comedy scene, museums and food, lovely rooftops, sports, and a thriving health and fitness scene. With so many great ways to work out throughout the city, it can be a little difficult to narrow down the options. Check out these fun workouts — whether interested in outdoor options, barre and studio classes, or circuit training in studios with garage flooring Chicago has it.


For people that gravitate towards high-intensity workouts, there are plenty of bootcamp options throughout Chicago. One of the more popular chains is Barry’s Bootcamp. Known for their astronomically high energy and community atmosphere, Barry’s includes strength training and cardio in equal measure. There are two locations in Chicago: one in Lincoln Park, and the other along the Magnificent Mile.

Similarly, F45 is a studio from a team out of Australia. This studio has a plethora of classes to choose from and two studios already, with quite a few more in development. At Shred415, the concept is to break down an hour long workout into four 15-minute intervals with the result of a class that seems to pass by in no time at all. Bootcamps can be intimidating, but reviews for all these studios indicate welcoming teams that are ready to work at any level of intensity.

Yoga and Aerial

The yoga scene is so popular in Chicago that there is a whole magazine dedicated to it. Chicago seems to have yoga events almost every day, and Yoga Chicago’s calendar keeps people informed of all the options. Whether interested in meditation classes, hot yoga, or Vinyasa, any yogi will be able to find their flow. Chicago is even home to some more modern variations of yoga. Air Yoga is the most popular aerial yoga studio and offers a unique take on aerial arts for fitness enthusiasts of all levels.

Outdoor Options 

While Chicago winters are notoriously brutal, the other months offer great opportunity for outdoor workouts. The Lakefront Trail is an extremely popular place to run, bike, or roller blade. The trail can be accessed from Millennium Park. The warmer months also create opportunity for stand-up paddleboarding on Lake Michigan. Athletes that prefer to stick with yoga can enjoy outdoor yoga on the waterfront through fall and starting again in late spring. Runners can enjoy the Bloomingdale Line, an elevated railroad track that has since been transformed into an outdoor space connected to the 606 trail loop. With so many great options in the city, the opportunities for fun workouts are truly endless.