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How a bathroom remodel can help you having more space?

A survey has revealed that there are more bathroom remodels taking place in the US than the kitchen ones. The major reason behind this, is the fact that the bathrooms are usually smaller in size, there are less cabinets and less flooring costs, less material required for the remodel and over all the remodeling of the bathrooms are cost efficient. So people just love to get their bathrooms remodeled more often. When you have to consider a Complete bathroom renovations Brisbane, you see that there are DIY options and the ones that include hiring the professionals. It is always best to hire the professionals for such cases.

Why you should consider a bathroom remodel?

Only last year, I got my bathroom remodeled as well. Since our home is around 20 years old, the bathroom I had, attached to my bedroom, gone out dated, less functional and too spotty. Initially, we were planning to get the tiles fixed only but when we went on to consider the things, we found that instead of getting into trouble of fixing the old things every other day, we should get the whole bathroom remodeled to the new style. It, of course increased the overall cost a lot, but the result was worth it.

How can this remodel benefit you?

With the new model of the bathroom, we got more space in it, the lights and the mirrors etc. all went quite better, the intricate and modern styled bathroom accessories helped lift the overall feel of the bathroom and the relaxation level was certainly increased as well. Our kids were overwhelmed to find a new bathroom in their room and the experience till now is very good. The process of cleaning the remodeled and new bathroom is far easier than the previous one. The problems of water seepage and leakage in the underground pipes were sorted out as well and we added a couple of new items in the bathroom too.

Do you actually get more space with the remodeling?

The new design of all the structures available in the market are compact and they take less space. The bath tubs previously used to be too wide and claimed half of your bathrooms, but today, the compact bathing tubs provides more space to the bathroom than ever, the basin bowls that are fitted to the wall also leave a large space on floor that makes your bathroom appear spacious. The addition of fresh or artificial plants to your bathroom also increases the beauty of it and makes you get relaxed better.

Some more tips to help increase space

Instead of the long lines of hangers on the walls, we now have small and delicate hooks that are super strong and can carry literally everything. When you paste these hooks on the back of the door of your bathroom, you see that the rest of your bathroom appears more spacious. These hooks can carry anything, from your towels, to robes, clothes, loofahs and bags for toiletries.