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How to Build a House

Building a home can seem like a massive project, but if you take it one step at a time, it doesn’t have to be. Just like everything in life, building a house is a series of organized steps that eventually end in the finished product. Although most people hire a contractor or company to take over the design and construction of their home, some people like to be a little more hands on. If this sounds like you, then there are some processes you’ll want to be aware of before you dive headfirst into home building.

By HomeLight Homes

The Prep

Before you can pour a house foundation and start putting up walls, you have to pick the spot where you want to build. Especially if you’ve bought some land that’s undeveloped, you’ll first need to clear your lot and make sure all trees, bushes, or other natural objects are removed so there’s room to build. In addition, you’ll need a surveyor to mark the area so the builders know where to work and where the property lines are. You’ll also need to have a dumpster on site and some temporary utilities so the workers can use their power tools.

The Foundation

Once all of the preparation is out of the way, you can start working on your foundation. You’ll need to have trenches dug to put in the footing of the house, and the foundation can be poured on top of it. When that is all laid out and dried, your plumber and electrician can work on installing the basic hookups and run lines from your homes to the necessary power outlets or septic tanks. This is an important step because the placement of the pipes and wires is important to keeping them from weather damage in the life of your home.

The Build

Finally, the contractor will begin the building process by pouring a concrete slab over the work already done. After that is when walls start going up and things start looking more like a home and less like a cement spot on your beautiful lot. Once all of the walls and insulation are installed, the roof will be constructed and shingled. After all of the bones of the house are connected and secured, you can go in do the interior design work.

Remember these three steps when building a home and the process will be smooth sailing until the day its done.