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How to Choose the Best Epoxy For Your Garage Floor

You may resort to ignoring your garage floor; after all, you only park your car here. It’s a poor choice; it all reflects the value of your home. It is part of your home, and it needs to have that excellent look. How do you add that fresh coat of paint on your garage floor? Well, epoxy is your perfect solution. There are so many epoxy products on the market. Getting a suitable one according to your budget isn’t an easy errand. It can be a frustrating experience trying to get the best epoxy coating as you don’t even know how an epoxy product works. Epoxy is a simple solution that you can easily install via a DIY, but if you lack the skills to facilitate a successful endeavor, you can hire a garage floor coating contractor from a website like

What To Consider Before Buying

There are very many options; asking yourself the right questions will lead you to the perfect epoxy coating. Consider the following inquires before you settle on one:

  • What equipment did you use to prepare your concrete? It is integral that you prepare the surface appropriately. If you fail to do it the right way, your epoxy coating will not attach well. Mechanical prep is the best way to do it for a long-lasting concrete layer.
  • What is the activity of the area? Are you going to require a coating that is slip resistant? Such will be very important in figuring out the best epoxy to purchase. It will direct you to choose the best thickness as well as application procedure to accommodate your specific environment.
  • Does the floor drain properly? An expert installer will know precisely how to solve this issue to avoid a possible slip
  • When is the area free? Quality epoxy finishes take longer to cure, and this means that they are going to be more robust and more resilient. There are times you might be forced to go for a fast-drying one if you don’t possess sufficient free time.

Which Epoxy Will You Go For?

Waterborne Epoxy Paint is very easy and quick to apply. It is inexpensive but of a less-durable nature when compared to others. Anyone interested in a more straightforward application can go for a waterborne epoxy paint but can increase durability and protection using a multi-coat kit. Secondly, there are high solids epoxies. This one is of a commercial grade as they are highly resistant to chemical spills and abrasion. Their high quality also dictates a higher price. You can improve the strength of a single coat solid epoxy via using polyurethane top coat. On top of the durability, you get a glossing finish.

What is the best epoxy for your garage? Choose a premium multi-coat epoxy system. It is a combination of different classes of epoxy coating to give you the perfect, unmatched quality finish. Such a floor will have a 30 – 40 mm thickness. Choose the best epoxy for your garage that will offer you enough cover that will last for a long time.