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How to Make Your Bedroom Appear Bigger

At times, a bigger bedroom can be achieved better through technique and illusion rather than space. Larger space encourages more purchases, and before you know it, it’s another story about your room’s space constraints. Here are uncomplicated ways to make your bedroom appear larger:


Mirrors can fool the eye by creating an illusion of depth and height. They make the room appear larger than it is. The longer the mirror’s vertical measurement is, the larger your room will look. Mirrors that go from floor to ceiling accentuate the perception of most space.

Minimal and multifunctional furniture

The less stuff your room contains the larger space becomes. Furniture that serves more than one purpose is ideal, so you get to do more with less. Transforming tables and compact seats are multifunctional furniture items that make home living more portable and spacious.


Choosing the same colour in different shades create a sense of unity throughout your room. Visual coherence tricks your mind into seeing your room as larger than it is.


Mounting the curtain rod closer to the ceiling instead of the window frame makes your room appear bigger. Floor-length curtains also trick the eyes into seeing the area as roomier. Curtain patterns and texture can help in extending the walls of the room. Vertical prints are known to create an illusion of height while sheer fabric looks airy and adds that view of a more spacious area.

Hidden storage

If you don’t intend on getting rid of what you have, vertical stacking is your friend. Built-in shelves that extend from floor to ceiling help sort the contents of your room vertically. Painting these shelves the same colour as the walls will reinforce the aspect of hidden storage. This is another technique to obtain a larger-looking place without increasing the floor area.

Innovative storage is growing in popularity for an expedient reason. It ingeniously creates more room for small places. As an example, bed frames with built-in cabinets are also useful in achieving a roomy look.


Ditch the partition and use mats to define space and room transitions. Using carpets is an excellent way to create space, add visual interest and increase comfort in your room.


Adding a chandelier creates more light in any room. It has a brightening effect that can make your room seem wider. Making use of your ceiling balances the dimensions of your room by taking away the emphasis on your floor space. Choosing the right light fixture is crucial because the wrong one can end up making your room look smaller.

Consult experts

If you are serious about giving your bedroom more space, or enhancing its appearance, consulting experts like the ones from will help your plan materialise.

A spacious room need not be empty. A well-designed bedroom will create space and elevate your living experience at the same time. After all, nothing beats a good night of sleep in your bed after a long and tiring day. Follow these steps and make a sanctuary out of your bedroom.