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Importance of Entrance Mats for Your Premises and Mat Maintenance Tips

A proper entrance matting system is essential for both commercial buildings and residences. It is possible to keep 80% dirt from entering the building using mats. In fact, it is a legal requirement for public buildings to use entrance mats in order to keep the entrance safe. Mats aren’t just about trapping dirt.

They elevate the visual appeal of any space and reduce the risk of falls. Placing anti-slip mats in areas where there is more foot traffic or where there are more chances of spills makes the environment safe. Mats are available in a handful of materials. Invest in high-quality, non-slip mats of the right material for your premises.

Rubber mats and rugs:

Rubber mats and rugs are the popular choices in terms of durability and effectiveness in trapping dirt. Rubber mats are those we find in cars. They offer solid grip to the feet and don’t slip away when we stand on them. The material is capable to trap large amounts of dirt, mud and water. They are ideal to be places in entrances, in exercise room near exercise equipment, pool side, near sinks etc.

Washable rugs score high on aesthetic appeal but when it comes to practicability, rubber mats win hands-down. Several manufacturers customize rubber mats in interesting patterns to make it more visually appealing. If you are looking for a best-quality custom logo rug or rubber mat online, check out Ultimate Mats.

They are the top choice for customized mats and offer various mat styles with customization options. Talk to their customer support team regarding customization options and design an attractive design for your premises.

Mat maintenance:

Regular maintenance of mats is important to ensure their longevity or else you’d end up replacing mats every once in few months. You can save up on costs by cleaning them regularly to prevent dust build up. Here are the ways to clean mats:

  • Washing machine: Find out from the mat manufacturer if your mat is suitable for machine-wash and check its weight before adding it in the washing machine. After washing it in a commercial or residential washing machine and then drying it.
  • Wet or dry vacuum cleaner: Check with your manufacturer what kind of vacuum to use – dry or wet. Any vacuum with a powerful motor is usually sufficient to remove trapped dirt.
  • Carpet cleaner: For commercial purposes you can purchase a carpet cleaner which is better at doing the job than regular vacuum cleaners. After cleaning it, dry it out completely before laying it.
  • Shake it: It isn’t possible to wash and dry mats regularly in which case, daily maintenance is possible by shaking out the mat in an outdoor area and doing a quick vacuum.
  • Mop: You can mop the rubber mats regularly. Apart from daily cleaning, mop it with water or a suitable chemical for deep cleaning. Find out the suitable chemicals that are ideal to be used on the mat.

Purchase a good quality entrance mat for a safer environment. Follow a regular mat maintenance routine to keep your place looking fresh.