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Reasons That Vinyl Is Good Material for Marine Construction Projects

Vinyl is a synthetic material made from ethylene and chlorine that becomes a dynamic kind of fabric. Marine-grade vinyl is the sort of thing used for seat coverings in boats because it is resistant to bacteria and fungus and also to stains. There are many reason that vinyl can also be used in place of more traditional marine construction materials.

  1. Easy Installation

Vinyl is a good alternative to wood when it comes to installation because wood (especially treated wood) can be heavy, and it can warp, and thus cause delays. Vinyl, on the other hand, is always uniform. It is also easily moveable because it is so lightweight. If you are considering Florida marine construction, vinyl makes for great construction material.

  1. It’s a Relatively Cheap Option

Compared to other marine construction materials, vinyl is an inexpensive alternative. The material itself is less expensive, but installation costs will also go down because of the ease with which vinyl can be handled. On the back end, vinyl will need less maintenance because it is so resilient to water-borne issues like moisture, algae, bacteria, mold and rot.

  1. Protection Against Marine Borers

Marine borers are tiny animals and plants in water that can destroy structures. Shipworms and piddocks are examples of tiny lifeforms that bore into and eat away at wood. If such entities attack your structure, the lifespan of the structure can be reduced to months instead of years. This problem doesn’t exist with vinyl materials, though. Vinyl sheets and pilings can exist in the same space as marine borers and suffer no ill effects.

  1. Vinyl Comes With a Guarantee

Wood lasts for a long time, but not forever. Every day that wood sits in water, it is subject to various deteriorating factors. Most vinyl manufacturers are so sure of their product that they will often offer guarantees that can stretch out for decades.