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Three Fearless Ideas to Incorporate into Your New Kitchen Refurbs

Are you someone who can go the extra mile when it comes to experimenting with things? Do you like taking bold steps without worrying about what others will have to say about them? If yes, you might want to try these fearless additions to your upcoming kitchen refurbs.

Say Goodbye to the Cabinets

The first thing that comes to one’s mind when thinking about a kitchen is cabinets. How about saying goodbye to cabinets for a moment? Of course, it does not mean you should not have anything to store your kitchen items. Try the open shelves if you are daring enough. It will give you an opportunity to showcase your expensive dinner sets or the antique pot you had received from your grandmother.

Paint a Wall for Commemoration

Do you think your mother or grandmother was the person who taught you how to cook so well? Do you often think you have never been able to give her enough credit for bequeathing her talent to you? If that’s the case, dedicate a wall for her. Paint it completely in contrast with the rest of the kitchen and hang a big framed picture of her there. Perhaps have a picture of your entire family somewhere to shield the backlash from the family.

Paint It All White

This is the most challenging of them all. Paint your entire kitchen with a bright white. Take things a notch even higher with a window that lets direct sunlight inside. Your kitchen will be the brightest place in your house with this move. A white kitchen is quite a daring move because of how quickly white turns into black. It can be the coolest idea if you combine it with open shelves with contrasted pots on them.

Taking such fearless moves as stated above requires not only courage but money as well. You should, in no way, be forced to try these things. However, if you have the courage and budget to pull one of these off, there is no reason why you should not.