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Three Pros To Call Before Buying a New House

Before you close on a new house, you’ll probably be required to have it inspected by a professional to ensure that everything in it is up to code. However, just because your new home passes inspection doesn’t mean it’s free of potential problems. The major systems in your house could cause major problems if they’re set up poorly or are in desperate need of an update. Before you sign on the dotted line, call in these professionals for their expert opinion.

Heating and Air Technician

Your HVAC system is one of the main factors to impact how comfortable you feel in your home. An old or faulty system can result in poor heating or cooling and can waste precious energy and money. Be sure to find a trusted expert who specializes in ac repair Conroe. Have them check the system for leaks and general wear and tear to make sure you’re not purchasing a home with a system that will soon need to be replaced.


If you have an older home or live in a city with an older water system, you’ll want to have your pipes tested for lead and other potentially harmful contaminants. A reputable plumber can perform these water tests for you and offer you a report of what comes out of your faucet and whether or not it’s originating from the pipes in your house. They can also check for leaks and clogs throughout your system.


The wiring in your house can be a huge safety hazard if not done properly. An electrician can make sure your house is wired for electricity in the safest manner possible. In addition, they can let you know if your home is compatible for any installations you may have planned, such as ceiling fans and certain laundry machines.

The home of your dreams could be an financial disaster waiting to happen. Make sure you have your new house checked by the pros before taking the plunge and becoming a homeowner.