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Top 7 Qualities Of A Good Plumber

Plumbers are among the most cherished taskforce in commercial and private spaces and buildings. Far from the notion that plumbing only deals with water services, it is also associated with the maintenance of heating appliances and their installation, repairs of furnaces, water boilers, unclogging of pipes, hydro-jetting, among several other tasks. It is crucial to get a competent plumber to carry out your repair work and installations with these critical areas. Here are some of the top qualities you should look for in a plumber before contracting them.

Mechanical Know-How

Plumbing is a technical job that requires proper knowledge of mechanical operations, problem analysis, and solution implementation. A good plumber should be an individual who can understand the present challenges with the plumbing systems and offer effective solutions. Mechanical knowledge such as the valves’ functionality and varying system specifications are technical requirements and concepts required by the plumber. The plumber should know how to interpret blueprints, perform pipe pressure tests, apply Hydronics principles, install faucets and continue learning about the new and emerging technologies in plumbing.

Physical Ability and Manual Dexterity

Plumbing involves a lot of physical work, which must also be completed manually. It, therefore, means that the plumbers must have the physical ability to hold pipes, access spaces that are confined, and move heavy objects such as refrigerators. The plumbers also need to have steady hands, capable of threading fittings and manipulate small system components. In several instances, the plumbers will be required to work in noisy and dangerous spaces yet still execute their expert precision tasks.


Obtaining industry certification is an important characteristic of a good plumber. For an individual to be certified and obtain a license, he must have met the minimum requirements and passed tests regulated by the industry. Holding these certifications is an indication that the plumber has the required knowledge and skills to resolve any problem with plumbing.


Working for a considerable amount of time and resolving multiple plumbing problems helps a plumber gain a great wealth of experience. A good plumber is an individual who has been in the field for a considerable period. It is a clear indication that they have the competence to not only analyze but offer effective solutions to different plumbing problems.

Expertise and Regulatory Compliance      

Most of the projects that involve commercial plumbing have to undergo an inspection from the industry regulators. A good plumber should have the capacity to ensure that all the projects they execute align with the industry standards and comply with the regulatory framework and policies. A good plumber should critically observe some of the areas that are safety protocols, compliance to building codes, and observance of the local and state plumbing codes.

Good Communication Skills

Communication is essential when resolving a customer’s plumbing problem. The plumber should be able to listen and understand the present problem and have the ability to communicate effectively with the customer. There are instances where the clients may need expert advice on how to conduct simple maintenance routines. Proper communication will help enhance understanding between the two parties.

Proper Coordination Skills

Plumbers use various tools when resolving plumbing problems. At times, they will have to use multiple types of equipment simultaneously in tiny spaces to get the job done. A good plumber should have proper coordination skills to know the tools to be used and at what time.

When in need of a good plumber, consider the above skills and characteristics. To get San Diego plumbing services for your plumbing needs, conducting a little research to get these details is necessary.