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Ways to seal around house foundation

To make a building stand properly, the foundation plays a very important role. In the same way, to keep the foundation healthy and long-lasting, it is important to seal the cracks and gaps around the foundation of the house. Sealing off cracks will prevent the accumulation of rainwater in those areas. Continuous accumulation of water might make the foundation weak and if the foundation is weak, it becomes a serious concern to look upon. Hence, sealing is an important step to learn. This article will give a detailed description of how to seal around house foundation.

So, do have a read till the end.

What materials to use for sealing?

While sealing, one thing must be kept in mind. The same situation should not occur again and again. Hence, a material should be used that is ever-lasting on cement. The following are two categories of products –

  • Water-based products
  • Solvent-based

Water-Based Products –

These products offer the best services. They provide better adhesion but they work best for internal works like in the bathrooms, and unsealed areas in the basement that might get in touch with water, etc.

Solvent-Based Products-

For external leakages or cracks, solvent-based products are the best. They can also stay against harsh climatic conditions as well.

How to seal the gap?

There are a lot of questions and queries regarding how to seal around house foundation.

Filling the gap around the foundation of the house is not at all a tough job. It just requires a few simple steps to be followed properly. Following are the steps to be taken to sea the foundation of any house –

  • Installing a rod – This is not a simple rod but a foam backer rod and must be installed if the crack is ΒΌ inch wider. The foam backer rod is gently pushed into the gap of the foundation. This is done so that it acts as a support to the seal that will be applied in that area.
  • Use the seal – After fitting the rod properly, it’s time to use the seal over the rod and fill the cracked area of the foundation. A polyurethane seal is used in the gap over the pipe.
  • Use Caulk gun – To fill the areas which have fine narrow cracks, a caulk can bring the best solutions.

What are the items required to execute the whole process?

Filling the cracks of the foundation is a simple job and it requires the simplest items that are easily available in the market or even in the household. Following are the items required –

  • Rags that are unused for a long time.
  • Polyurethane Seal or caulk to seal the areas.
  • A caulk gun to fill the smallest gaps.


After reading the whole article it might be clear how to seal around house foundation.

Filling up the gaps in the foundation of a house is one of the crucial jobs to be done, as the foundation is the basis of the house. So, never leave this job undone to ensure the safety of the house.