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What Factors Should You Consider When Buying a Home?

If you are in the market for a new home, there are several factors you need to consider before settling on a specific location. These factors include job security, school district, size of the house, and cost. Hopefully, these tips will help you in your search. If you are ready to purchase homes for sale in Northern Suffolk, VA, consider these tips before going to the closing table. They will help you avoid making a costly mistake and get the home you want.

Job security

Considering job security is an important aspect of the mortgage approval process. Banks are wary of lending money to people whose jobs are uncertain, especially those with a shorter employment history. As a result, lenders often require prospective home buyers to prove stable income for at least two years. Although this may be the case for some people, it is unnecessary to worry about it entirely. There are many ways to ensure your job security.

The first step in securing a mortgage is to know how much of your income you can afford to put down. If your job isn’t secure enough, your lender may require an increased down payment or higher collateral position. A higher downpayment can compensate for your lack of job security in such a situation. You should also be prepared to explain to the lender if you plan to change jobs within the next three years.

School district

While the price and features of a home are important, the school district is also an important consideration. While you may not have children, you may want a home with many bedrooms or an open concept layout. However, you will probably want to have your children attend a specific school district if you plan on having a family. Here are some tips to help you choose the right school district for your children.

The first step to buying a home in a great school district is to look for a school for your children. A good school district will lift the price of a home in the neighborhood. Home prices can go up and down, depending on macro volatility and changes in the local area. Therefore, a good school district will act as a life preserver in times of rough housing markets. A good school district is the most important consideration when buying a home and should be a top priority when looking for a new one.

Size of home

Your family’s needs will determine the size of the home you purchase. For instance, if you’re buying a single-family home now, you may want a home that can easily accommodate three to four additional people if you’re planning on having children. Similarly, if you’re buying a starter home and have a limited budget, you might want to consider a supersized house.

The size of your dream house will determine how much space you have to live in and how comfortable you’ll be. The ideal size should accommodate your family comfortably while still maximizing space. On the other hand, a too big home will only increase your maintenance and heating bills and increase your property taxes. For example, if you’re a family of three, a 1,800-square-foot home would be ideal. On the other hand, if you’re buying a home for four people, you’ll likely want to find a house with about 2,400 square feet of space.


While the down payment for a house is typically the most expensive upfront expense, a down payment of 3% is also acceptable. Special programs are available to veterans and farmers, such as VA loans and USDA loans, that allow borrowers to put as little as 3% down. In addition, there are conventional mortgage loans available with only 3% down and Federal Housing Administration programs that allow borrowers to put as little as 3.5% down.

Before purchasing a home, it is important to consider all of the costs associated with the transaction. The purchase price is only the starting point, as closing costs can vary from two to five percent. Moving expenses may also be included. While the down payment and mortgage closing costs are often the largest, homeowners should also factor in the costs of furnishing the home, such as furniture, electronics, and more. Purchasing a home with less expensive utilities is a great way to lower the cost of ownership.


The location of a home is a critical factor for both building and buying a home. It can make or break the value of a property. Some locations will appreciate faster than others. The more desirable the location is, the more likely your home will be sold. Many homebuyers consider the location’s accessibility to transportation and other amenities. In addition to transportation, the location of a home can affect the price.

Think about what you like to do and where you like to spend your time. Are there any outdoor areas nearby? Do you want to be close to parks or large bodies of water? If so, you’ll likely be happier in your new home if you can access these areas easily. Once you’ve identified these areas, compare those criteria with your price range and narrow the search to a few neighborhoods. Next, visit the neighborhoods in different seasons.