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Your Guide to Sending Moving Announcements the Easy Way

Have you decided to make a move???

Congratulations on your happy new place. Now it is the perfect time to let everyone know about the big news. Usually your moving announcements get shuffle while everything is going on moving. Luckily, has created a guide that helps you in making announcements, what to include in these announcements, and when is the best time to send this happy news.

How to make the announcement:

It’s a fact that snail mail is not the only option for sending moving announcements anymore. You have so many digital options also like SMS, E-mail, Whatsapp message etc. But, nothing can replace the beauty, grace, and touchy gesture of sending new address cards. This may sound old fashioned, but still is the best possible option you would love to go with.

Physical paper announcements have a more personal feel that you’re your event more special. It is also the best way to express your care for people you love and want to share your happiness with them. If you are a newlywed or a first-time homebuyer, this occasion becomes even more special for you. Announcing this special announcement with just moved cards make this news even more special.

Who you need to include in new address card:

Changing your place is already a hectic job to do, but your new address cards make it simple to send all required details of your new location. The prominent requirements of a new address card are:

  • Your name
  • Complete current address
  • Complete new address
  • Nature of your house move
  • Contact details

You can personalize your just moved cards as much as you wish more than the above mentioned vital details. You can add a thoughtful quote, a funky statement, or some facts about the place you have moved in. The options are limitless, and it is your personal choice to think out of the box for a unique way to inform people about your new home.

When to send you’re just moved cards:

There is no particular time to send these announcements, but most people send these just after moving in. It is the right time to inform others when you have just completed you’re shifting and are settled in a new place. Another significant advantage is that if a recipient doesn’t get their announcement through snail mail your new home will be the return address.

If you are planning for a going away get together, of course, you have to make the announcement before moving. It total depends on your circumstances that whether you have to send the announcement card before or after your move.

I hope this guide was quite helpful for you to make your moving announcement more proper and managed. can aid you to make moving announcement more customized and expressive. With the plethora of unique ideas, countless color options, and real-time previews, it is sure that your moving announcement card is going to inspire everyone in every way.