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Common Signs of Termites

Termites may live on your property or even inside your home for extended periods of time – even before they have been detected.  It doesn’t matter if you are dealing with drywood termites, which will burrow deep into wooden structures or a subterranean termite that are mainly found beneath the soil, these intruders can be hard to discover before serious damage has occurred. To ensure you can keep damage at a minimum, it is essential that you catch the warning signs of a problem as soon as possible.

Discarded Wings

Termite swarms can occur inside or outside any home as the mature termites begin to leave the nest to start a new colony. Soon after the swarming termites begin flying, they will shed their wings. It is not uncommon to see piles of wings caught in spider webs or on surfaces in or around the home’s foundation, including windowsills. If you notice this, it is time to call the professionals for termite treatments Fort Myers FL.

Termite Swarmers

Swarmers from a mature colony will usually leave the nest a few times a year. This typically happens during the fall or spring. The precise timing of swarms will vary based on weather conditions and species. Swarms on the outside of your home may not be seen by some homeowners because they are brief. Formosan termites will also swarm in the evening when they are even harder to see or notice.

Mud Tubes

Subterranean termites will build a network of mud tubes, which are also called shelter tubes, that serve as a bridge between the wood they eat and their colony. All the tubes are made of soil, debris, and wood. These are used for protecting the entire colony from all types of predators and to help conserve moisture.

The Presence of Termite Droppings

After eating wood, many drywood termites will leave behind droppings or frass. These very small fecal mounds may indicate a termite infestation close by.

Signs of Drywood Termites

Drywood termites are common in many areas. The colonies are housed in the wood they are feeding on. As the termites begin to consume wood, they will burrow mazes of chambers and tunnels in the furniture and walls. There will be small piles of feces that look like pellets where they have nested or eaten.

Knowing the signs of termites is the first step in fighting them. Be sure to keep this in mind to ensure that you know when it is time to call for professional termite service. This will pay off and help ensure your home is termite-free.