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Everyone loves party tent

Choosing your party tent is not an easy task. What size tent should you choose to accommodate all your guests? Do you need several small tents or one large structure? Some tips are here to assist you get started.

Choose the size of your party tent

You are organizing a meeting, a gala, an outdoor wedding and you want to welcome your guests as well as possible. To no longer fear the vagaries of a capricious weather, the ideal solution is the reception tent. They come in severalstyles, sizes, and shapes.

In your american tent selection, you can choose the height, length and width of your structure. The choice of these dimensions are important: for an area of ​​16 m² you can for example obtain a square tent of 4×4 meters or a rectangular 2×8 meters. The shapes of the tents will therefore not be the same.

What area for how many guests?

To choose its dimensions, you must first establish the use of the structure. Is this a purchase for regular receptions, like family celebrations with a nearly equal number of guests? Is it a reception tent rental for a one-off event such as a wedding, a seminar, a birthday?

In all cases, knowing the number of guests is essential to choose the right area. Generally, there is 1m² per person seated (see a little more if you have round tables and not rectangle), and 1m² for 2 people standing.

One big tent or several small ones?

It can be tempting to choose a single large tent to host your reception. In the event that the area chosen is too small, keep in mind, however, that it is easier and less expensive to expand the space of a tent lengthwise rather than width wise.

You can imagine expanding your space by adding other tents side by side, forming a T or an L for example. If the shape may seem uncomfortable at first, this can be a solution to separate the dance floor or the buffet part of your reception.

If you opt for this solution, you will therefore need one or more additional tents with a size equivalent to the first. You will then have to install a connecting gutter for each of them. You gain a lot in modularity for your receptions.