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Bring Home the Best CCTV Home Kit
Home Security

Bring Home the Best CCTV Home Kit

In recent times, we cannot take the matter of security lightly as we are really living in an unsafe world and we don’t know when our lives can go for a toss just for the lack of security systems. With the rising population, we really cannot depend on the police alone for our safety issues and we need to take charge of our own security at home. With the CCTV Home kit now office going will be easy as you can monitor your home even when you are away. It is a must-have device for the mothers of newborn babies or toddlers who have to go to office leaving baby with the nanny. It is possible with A grade home surveillance system to keep track of your baby and nanny both and you can monitor their activities without their knowledge. In a word protection of your child is at your hand now with the help of smart phones, tablets or laptops.

You can choose many kits for your home security. They comes in all shape and sizes and at an affordable prices. 2CKIT 2Channel cameras are in high demand for its affordable price and the quality of service they provide. Apart from this 4 Channel, 8 Channel cameras are also available as part of the Best CCTV Kit. They have Record Mode (Manual, Continuous, Motion and Schedule) with VGA and CVBS synchronous output. They come with 1 Audio Input/ 1 Audio Output/ 1 SATA HDD and Multi language OSD. One of the striking features of the device is its Control mode using Front Panel, USB Mouse, IR Remote control and Remote Access.

The best part of the kit is that it can gives facility of Remote Access through PC, iPhone/ iPad & Androids. If you have a big house then you can even install 16 Channel camera in your house and can monitor every part of your house when you are out for a vacation or gone for official tour or to attend a conference. It is always better to go the best CCTV Home Kit and not to compromise on the quality as peace of mind is more valuable than one time investment.