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Snagging surveyor

Brief overview

If you have just gotten a position to your newly built home, most of you would think that it is going to be absolutely perfect. But what you do not know is that even the newly built home can have a number of issues to look forward to and that is why you need a snagging surveyor in the first place. You would think that nothing can be wrong with your picture-perfect dream home, but you have to understand that there can be serious issues, but all of them can be easily fixed. You could definitely run a traditional survey, but it is going to be expensive which is the reason why you would like to have a snagging survey.

What does a snagging surveyor do?

The word of the snagging surveyor is to check for any kind of problems in designing that might have occurred in a newly built home. The developers will be able to fix the identified problems with the help of snagging software and that too before you move in so that every kind of rectification takes place. Snagging surveyor does the job of taking care of every nook and corner of the house and taking care of the trivial issues so that there are no serious design or structural problems.

When should a snagging surveyor start working?

The snagging surveyor should start working in between the time when the work is finished, and the legal competition is being done so that before moving in you will be able to fix any kind of problems. But in certain situations, the developer does not allow any kind of snagging inspection before it is completed. If that happens, then you should get the survey done once you have moved in and try to get that done immediately.

If you do not want to hurry into things, then you can get the survey done at any point of time within the first two years of moving in your newly built house so that you can get any kind of repair done and damage detected.

What is the cost of snagging survey?

The kind of expenses that you will have to wear in order to get a professional snagging surveyor depends on the quality of services that you will be getting from them. Always find out certain answers before you choose the kind of snagging survey that you need.

In general, the cost of snagging survey is something between £300 to £600. It might seem a little bit expensive but think about the magnanimous amount that you have spent on the new home. Speaking this much is eliminating all sorts of damage in your dream house then it is definitely worth it.

There are Lotus developers who claim to have ‘do-it-yourself’ snagging surveys, and you can try them out in order to save you money (but cost you time). Just get the performance checked to be absolutely assured there are no damages pending to be repaired.