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Backyard Pool Safety Tips to Avoid Drowning Incidents

If you are one of the lucky homeowners who have a swimming pool in your backyard, then it is also your responsibility to think about the safety of your family and friends. It is exciting to look forward to swimming during summer breaks and invite your family and friends for a weekend party. If you love hosting pool parties and get-togethers, it is best to install garden railings around the pool to avoid young kids from jumping straight into the water unattended. Plus, there are more safety tips to prevent injuries and incidents of accidental drowning right in your backyard.

Put a couple of flotation devices right beside the pool

The majority of drowning incidents happen to kids that are below seven years of age. The common reason why they drown is that they are curious to try almost everything without any idea if it is safe or not. Also, there are incidents when adults can drown because of experiencing muscle cramps while swimming. It is better to be safe than sorry that is why it is best that you invest in a couple of floating devices that could save a life. If any of your guests, especially kids, do not know how to swim, then it is best to let them wear floaters or life vests while swimming. Even if they object, always remind them that you are only doing this for their safety.

Use inflatable dinghies with caution

Many people, especially small kids, prefer to ride on animal shaped inflatables. These things tend to capsize, causing the kids to drown. If ever kids insist on using dinghies, make sure that responsible adults adequately supervise them. Also, remind them not to wander into the deep parts of the swimming pool, so it is going to be easier to rescue them in case of incidents.

Keep a list of emergency numbers

Accidents can happen to anyone at any time of the day. No matter how careful a person is, there is still a chance that they could drown or suffer from a bad fall. That is why it is crucial to keep a list of all the emergency contact numbers; if something happens, you know who to call.

Inspect your pool regularly

Make sure that your swimming pool is well maintained by having it undergo a regular maintenance inspection. Check for any cracks that can cause people to trip and get wounded. Also, for sanitary purposes, always make it a point to treat your pool with chlorine or change its water at least once a month.

Teach your kids how to swim

One of the best things that you can do to prevent your kids from drowning is to enrol them in swimming lessons. Hire a reputable instructor who can teach small kids how to swim in just a week or two.

Lastly, get trained on how to perform first aid and CPR so you can stabilise the injured person before the ambulance arrives.