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Basic Components of a Home Plumbing System

Having a nice home is everyone’s dream but maintaining a lovely one, and protecting it from damage can be challenging. That is why a homeowner should know its important part, especially the basic components of his home plumbing system.

A plumbing system is located in an unseen area of your home but the one that provides comfort and needs for your sanitization, water supply, and cleaning. This system should not be neglected and be regularly checked and maintained.

Knowing the basic areas will save you time, money, and other future issues due to negligence by doing maintenance on your own. You actually do not need to be a professional to understand the few important fixtures of your home.

Here are the basic components that you should know:


Fittings are being used to connect straight sections of pipes and adapt to different sizes. It is also called an adapter that also regulates the flow of water.

Water Meters

Water meters have a tracking feature that helps you identify the overall health of your plumbing system. Because of this, you will prevent possible problems that you will encounter in the future.

Also, it will give you information about your water usage that allows you to compare your billing. It is a relief to see that information ahead of time so you will be aware if there’s a leak or other damage.


It connects the two pipes which can be unscrewed when needed. It may seem simple but this plays a huge part in your plumbing system.

Water Pressure Regulators

This plays a vital part in the plumbing system because it tracks the water pressure and alerts you when pressure needs adjustment.

Water pressure should not be too high or too low because it can cause serious damage to your plumbing system. It should be regularly checked and maintained.

Water Main Valve

This is already installed upon home construction and is being used to control water flow. It is usually located in hidden places of your home like in the basement.

To prevent major flooding in your home when there’s a leak or burst pipe, make sure that you know where it is located and immediately shut it off. Also, if you need to have your plumbing system be repaired, it allows local shutdown of the system without affecting the entire one.

Cut-Off Valves

Aside from the main valve, cut-off valves are being used to terminate the flow or cut off water to a specific area rather than to the entire home.

For example, if you have leaks and need help in replacing the toilet, you can use this to shut the flow off to stop or continue sending unsanitary and hazardous water elsewhere in the home.

Flow Restrictor

Flow restrictor or flow limiter restricts the amount of water in either direction to slow down the jacks’ speeds and where water use should be limited or restricted. It is usually fitted to shower also and helps to conserve water by setting several gallons per minute.

Being familiar with these basic components will allow you to become aware of the possible reason of plumbing issues that you may encounter.

In case that you need an expert’s help, you can briefly but clearly discuss the problems that you encountered by knowing these essential parts of your plumbing system. Some reliable plumbers handle major problems and you do not have to fix it on your own all the time. Basic knowledge is enough to save you from damage, time, money, and other issues in the future.